How to delete contacts on a Mac computer, or entire groups in the Contacts app

  • It’s easy to delete contacts on a Mac computer, especially if you still have the Contacts app accessible on your dock.
  • You can delete individual contacts and entire groups on your Mac in just a few steps. 
  • Here’s how to delete contacts on a Mac in the Contacts app.

The Contacts app on your Mac computer is extremely easy to use, and once you’ve learned the basics, you will be able to create and delete contacts in just a few moments. 

Just be aware that you can’t delete contacts in “read-only” accounts, like Google or Yahoo, via the app. You’d have to go into those accounts to delete those contacts.

With that in mind, here’s how to delete contacts from your Contacts app

How to delete contacts on a Mac computer

1. Open the Contacts app by clicking on the icon on your bottom toolbar (or, if you have removed it from your toolbar, click the Launchpad and then open the Contacts app from there).

How_to_delete_contacts_on_Mac_ _1
Open your Contacts app.

2. Select the contact you want to delete from the column under the search bar, located toward the center-left side of the window.

How_to_delete_contacts_on_Mac_ _2
Select the contact you want to delete.

3. Hit the “Delete” key.

How_to_delete_contacts_on_Mac_ _3
Delete the contact.

4. Confirm your decision by selecting “Delete” in the pop-up confirmation.

You can use the same method to delete groups, but instead of selecting a contact, you’d select the group and then hit the delete key.

However, there is an exception: If your group is used in a Smart Group, you would have to first go in and edit or delete the Smart Group before you would be able to delete the group.

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