How to contact yourself in a parallel universe

Can we travel between parallel universes?

Any two universes that are close to one another at one point in time will be unthinkably far apart the next instant. Nevertheless, bubble universes can still collide with one another. For example, a new universe might form right next to the edge of our universe.

Is 2020 a parallel universe?

No, NASA has not found a “parallel Universe“. Note: this article has been updated to include details of the research paper that discusses the “CPT symmetric universe” where time would run backwards from the Big Bang. The internet has done it again.

What happens if parallel universes collide?

Such a collision would create perturbations in the fabric of spacetime which would leave an imprint on the cosmic microwave background radiation. The background radiation is the universe’s first light, made up of photons that were released throughout the universe a mere 370,000 years after the big bang.

How to contact yourself in a parallel universe

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