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How to contact famous authors


Jan 29, 2024
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How do you contact authors?

when you want to contact a specific author, you can usually go to their website, find their mailing address and send them a letter that they will gladly forward for you. Most publishing houses have their address and contact information on their website.

Do authors respond to fan mail?

Authors know how important it is to have fans. Do not allow this fact to discourage you; just because it would be impossible for some writers to answer every piece of fan mail, does not mean that they haven’t read what you sent to them and are not flattered by your words. In fact, you may have made their day.

Is it OK to email an author?

Yes, it is totally acceptable.

I have never heard of anyone frowning upon their work being valued and appreciated. And I, for one, would not consider an email stalking.

How do I get in touch with authors?

Send a letter to the author in care of her publisher. You can find publisher contact information in the front of the author’s book or on the publisher’s website. Visit the author’s website. An author usually posts a contact email address on his website.

Do authors respond to letters?

Will an author write back? Some authors write personal letters in response. Others send printed material, such as a flyer about an upcoming book. Others receive too much mail to respond to all letters.

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