How to contact david hockney

How can I contact David Hockney?

David Hockney Agent and Management Contact Details @(david_hockney)

  1. Direct Email: [email protected]
  2. Company Tel:

Which gallery represents David Hockney?

David Hockney | Pace Gallery.

How much is a David Hockney painting worth?

The painting sold for £12.8m ($16.8m). His 1972 Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) became the most expensive painting by a living artist sold at auction when it fetched $90.3m (£70.3m) in 2018.

Where does Hockney live now?

COVID-19 information: latest updates and reopenings. David Hockney is undoubtedly one of the most famous and multidisciplinary artists of his generation. He now lives and works in Normandy, where he has spent months painting the arrival of spring and the ever-changing lights of the Norman countryside.

How does David Hockney make his work?

David Hockney attended art school in London before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s. In the 1970s, Hockney began working in photography, creating photo collages he called joiners. He continues to create and exhibit art, and in 2011, he was voted the most influential British artist of the 20th century.

What paint did David Hockney use?

What materials did hockney use? David Hockney used acrylic paint on white cotton duck canvas to paint A Bigger Splash. Acrylic was a relatively new type of paint first available commercially for artists in America in in the early 1950s.

How do I paint like David Hockney?

How do I paint water like David Hockney?

What oil paint does David Hockney use?

For his flat depictions of arid landscapes, Hockney exclusively used acrylics, because their matte quality and fast drying time allowed him to rapidly layer bright hues, without muddying his colors.

Why oil painting is the best?

The main advantages of oil paints are their flexibility and depth of colour. They can be applied in many different ways, from thin glazes diluted with turpentine to dense thick impasto. Because it is slow to dry, artists can continue working the paint for much longer than other types of paint.

Is oil paint toxic?

(unless you eat them)Most oil paints are not toxic, even if you do eat them (not recommended). Oil paint is basically pigment and oil, and most pigments are perfectly safe. There are toxic ones, of course, such as lead-white, cadmium, and cobalt. But these are only toxic if you eat them or breathe in particles.

What is the style of David Hockney?

Modern art

Pop art


What is David Hockney inspired by?

David Hockney/Periods

What was David Hockney’s most famous painting?

Born in Bradford in 1937, Hockney was one of the big artists involved in the pop art movement in the 1960s. Pop art was a style of art that was bright, full of colour. It was made by lots of young artists who felt that the art they saw in galleries was a little bit boring.

Who owns a bigger splash?

By the early 1970s, Hockney had moved on to more realistic and conventional paintings. Increasingly inspired by Balthus, Edward Hopper, and Giorgio Morandi, Hockney’s work became less and less influenced by literature. This move was well received by critics.

Why did David Hockney paint a bigger splash?

The “California Dreaming” series marked Hockney’s first use of then newly available acrylic paint. He captured the idyllic landscape of the West Coast in The Splash (1966), A Bigger Splash (1967), and Beverly Hills Housewife (1966–67), all of which are iconic examples of his style.

Is a bigger splash a true story?

Measuring 242.5 centimetres (95.5 in) by 243.9 centimetres (96.0 in), it depicts a swimming pool beside a modern house, disturbed by a large splash of water created by an unseen figure who has apparently just jumped in from a diving board.

A Bigger Splash
LocationTate Britain, London

Who is David Hockney’s partner?

In A Bigger Splash, Hockney explores how to represent the constantly moving surface of the water. The splash was based on a photograph of a swimming pool Hockney had seen in a pool manual. He was intrigued by the idea that a photograph could capture the event of a split second, and sought to recreate this in painting.

Who is the richest painter in the world?

Loosely based on the 1969 Jacques Deray film La Piscine and named after the 1967 David Hockney painting, the film stars Tilda Swinton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes, and Dakota Johnson. It competed for the Golden Lion at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

What did David Hockney do for a living?

The artist lived back and forth among Los Angeles, London, and Paris in the late 1960s to 1970s. In 1974 he began a decade-long personal relationship with Gregory Evans who moved with him to the US in 1976 and as of 2019 remains a business partner.

Who is Peter Schlesinger?

1. Damien Hirst – Net Worth $1 Billion. Damien Hirst is an English artist, art collector, and entrepreneur, grossing the highest net worth of $ 1 billion and making him the current richest artist.

How to contact david hockney

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