How to cancel medicaid in virginia

How do I contact Medicaid in Virginia?

Cover Virginia also operates a statewide customer service call center for Medicaid and the FAMIS Programs at 1-855-242-8282. The call center provides general program information, application status, explanation of coverage and benefits, and assistance in resolving application issues.

How do I cancel my coverage on healthcare gov?

In some cases, coverage will not end immediately, including when the household members who remain enrolled in coverage qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. The best way to make sure coverage ends on the right date is to contact the Marketplace Call Center and request the change.

Can you decline Medicaid coverage?

If you decline Medicaid, you are still responsible for obtaining minimum essential health coverage or qualifying for an exemption for yourself and your tax dependents.  Declining Medicaid does not make you eligible for help paying for a private insurance plan (premium tax credits or cost-sharing reductions).

How do I change my Medicaid plan in Virginia?

To change your health plan online, select “Enroll” and then “Get Started.” If you want to change health plans by phone, call the Managed Care Helpline, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 1-800-643-2273 (TDD 1-800-817-6608).

What is the best Medicaid plan in Virginia?

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2019-2020 – Summary Report (Medicaid)

RatingPlan NameConsumer Satisfaction
3.5HealthKeepers, Inc. (Medicaid)3.5
3.5Optima Health Plan4.5
3.5Virginia Premier Health Plan, Inc.4.0
3.0Coventry Health Care of Virginia, Inc., dba Aetna Better Health of Virginia3.0

What is the monthly income limit for Medicaid in Virginia?

On January 1, 2019, Medicaid became available to eligible adult Virginians ages 19 – 64 who live in households earning ≤138% of the Federal Poverty Level ($17,775 for an individual or $30,305 for a family of three in 2021).

Does Medicaid cover glasses for adults in VA?

VA Medicaid Glasses and Vision Care

Medicaid always pays for medically necessary vision care, like surgeries and procedures for common diseases (amblyopia, cataracts, Retinopathy, dry eye, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retinal Tears). If glasses or contacts are required, Medicaid may cover them.

Does Medicaid cover dental for adults 2020 in Virginia?

Dental treatment for adults is covered under certain circumstances through Virginia’s dental program, Smiles For Children. Adult dental services are limited to medically necessary oral surgery and associated diagnostic services, such as X-rays and surgical extractions.

How to cancel medicaid in virginia

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