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How many episodes of wedding peach are there


Jan 29, 2024
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How many seasons are there in Wedding Peach?

Wedding Peach is compiled into two seasons with 4 OVAs (also known as Wedding Peach DX). In each season the episodes have been split into mini sections; Season 1 has 5 sections and Season 2 has 4 sections. There are 51 episodes (not including the 4 OVAs) and each run for about 23 minutes.

Does Wedding Peach have romance?

All of the weapons that the Love Angels use have to do with love and marriage instead of love and planets, and there is even a wedding episode similar to an early episode of Sailor Moon. But what really sets Wedding Peach apart is the romance.

Who does Wedding Peach end up with?

In the manga, he and Yuri marry ten years later. Goddess of love and beauty and ruler of the angel world. She is unable to leave the angel world and must rely on Limone and the Love Angels to ward off the devils.

When did Wedding Peach come out?

April 5, 1995

Wedding Peach/First episode date

How many volumes of Wedding Peach are there?


Wedding Peach

愛天使伝説ウェディングピーチ (Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedingu Pīchi)
Wedding Peach Ai Tenshi Tanjou hen
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