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How many b 17s are still airworthy


Jan 29, 2024
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How many airworthy b29’s are there?


Many served during the Korean War and as aerial tankers during the 1950s. Only 22 complete B-29 airframes are currently restored in the United States. Two of these are airworthy. We’ve had the privilege of seeing, and photographing, 16 of these during the last two years.

Are there any b29s still flying?

Only two B-29s continue to fly, including “FiFi”, maintained and operated by the B-29/B-24 Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. A second aircraft, “Doc”, returned to flight status in July 0f 2016.

How much is a b17 worth?

For Sale: A Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Project Plane: $9 Million USD.

How many flying b29s are left?

Even though Boeing built almost four thousand B-29s, only a few remain today. And few of them are airworthy. So how many B-29 are still flying? Out of the 26 surviving B-29s, only two are airworthy today and able to fly.


Service ceiling31.850 ft / 9.710 m

Jun 21, 2021

How many B-29s were shot down?

Over the course of the war, B-29s flew 20,000 sorties and dropped 200,000 tonnes (180,000 tons) of bombs. B-29 gunners were credited with shooting down 27 enemy aircraft. In turn 78 B-29 were lost; 57 B-29 and reconnaissance variants were lost in action and 21 were non-combat losses.

Was the B-29 pressurized?

Considered the most advanced bombers in the world, the B-29s had pressurized cabins, remote control gun placements and 2,200-horsepower engines — the most powerful piston engines of the time. Able to fly over 3,000 miles, up to 16 hours, these bombers were just what the Allies needed to target Japan.

What happened to excess airplanes during ww2?

many needed to be sold or scrapped. Some U.S. military aircraft overseas were not worth the time or money to bring back to the States, and were consequently buried, bulldozed or sunk at sea. Most, however, were returned home for storage, sale or scrapping.

Were any B-29s used in Europe?

By the time the B-29 was operational, it was of little use in Europe. The B-29 was designed as a high-altitude long-range bomber. High altitude bombing at the time meant area bombing, and after Dresden that kind of bombing of European cities was politically unpopular.

What plane shot down the most planes in ww2?

Within a very short span of just a couple of years, the F6F Hellcat claimed 75% of all U.S. Navy air-to-air kills in the PTO. The Grumman F6F Hellcat claimed an impressive total of 5,168 victories.

Is the German Air Force still called the Luftwaffe?

The German Air Force (as part of the Bundeswehr) was founded in 1956 during the era of the Cold War as the aerial warfare branch of the armed forces of then West Germany. … The term Luftwaffe that is used for both the historic and the current German air force is the German-language generic designation of any air force.

Why was the B-29 so expensive?

The advances were startling and included the following: a huge new airframe that was a total departure from previous Boeing practice; new engines that had to go through a long and costly development process before they became even remotely reliable; new propellers that gave almost as much difficulty as the engines; a …

Was the B-17 pressurized?

The B-17 was not pressurized. Nor were any other bombers until the B-29. All crew were on breathing oxygen above 10,000 feet or so.

How many missions did you have to fly in ww2?


Although crew members were required to fly a minimum of 25 combat missions before returning to the United States, some were called back to duty for another 25. However, others stayed behind to complete 30 missions to avoid having to return from the states for a second tour of duty.

Who nuked Japan?

It killed about 80,000 people when it blew up. When the Japanese didn’t surrender after the “Little Boy” bomb destroyed Hiroshima, President Truman ordered that a second atomic bomb, called “Fat Man”, be dropped on another city in Japan.

How much did the B-29 program cost?

His fears were real, for at $3 billion, the B-29 was the war’s most expensive program. It was also the most vital, for only the Superfortress could deliver the atom bombs created by the war’s second most costly program, the $2 billion Manhattan Project.

What replaced the B-29?

A strategic reconnaissance version of the B-50B, the RB-50, was developed in 1949 to replace the aging RB-29s used by SAC in its intelligence gathering operations against the Soviet Union. In 1953 the Air Force started replacing its aging WB-29 weather reconnaissance aircraft with modified B-50Ds.

Is Nagasaki still radioactive?

The radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki today is on a par with the extremely low levels of background radiation (natural radioactivity) present anywhere on Earth. It has no effect on human bodies. … Roughly 80% of all residual radiation was emitted within 24 hours.

Who ordered Hiroshima?

President Harry S. Truman

President Harry S.Truman, warned by some of his advisers that any attempt to invade Japan would result in horrific American casualties, ordered that the new weapon be used to bring the war to a speedy end. On August 6, 1945, the American bomber Enola Gay dropped a five-ton bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Which president ordered the atomic bomb?


As President, Truman made some of the most crucial decisions in history. Soon after V-E Day, the war against Japan had reached its final stage. An urgent plea to Japan to surrender was rejected. Truman, after consultations with his advisers, ordered atomic bombs dropped on cities devoted to war work.

Where is the most radioactive place in the world?

Fukushima, Japan

2 Fukushima, Japan Is The Most Radioactive Place On Earth

Fukushima is the most radioactive place on Earth. A tsunami led to reactors melting at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Even though it’s been nine years, it doesn’t mean the disaster is behind us.

Can you visit Hiroshima today?

Hiroshima/Nagasaki is Definitely Safe for People to Live in Today. The horror of World War II are undeniable, but more than 75 years have now passed since the bombings.

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