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How do you use luna crystals in maplestory m


Jan 29, 2024
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How do I get petite Luna?

How do you get a pet in MapleStory M?

To get new and different ones, complete quests and some of them may contain pets as a reward. Free daily rewards may also contain pets. Finally, you can also use real-life money to purchase optional ones from MapleStory M’s cash store.

How do you revive a miracle pet in MapleStory?

To revive your pet, purchase a Premium Water of Life from the Pets → Pet Skills category of the Cash Shop. The item costs 2,400 NX. You may also be able to find it in the Maple Rewards Shop (available via the Event → Maple Rewards Shop category of the Cash Shop). The item is 2,400 Reward Points.

What does Luna Crystal Key do?

* When you use the Luna Crystal Key, you’ll get Petite Luna-exclusive pet equipment for the corresponding season. The pet equipment cannot be traded or put in Storage. * The pet equipment cannot be unequipped, and it will be destroyed upon switching.

How does Luna crystal work?

Luna Crystals in non-Reboot worlds can be used to turn a pair of Wonder Black-quality pets from Wisp’s Wondrous Wonderberry into a new, stronger Sweet Luna or Petite Luna pet, or a Sweet Luna and Wonder Black pet into a new, stronger Dream Luna or Petite Luna pet.

What is maple points?

Maple Points are an account-locked currency that serves as the basis of Meso trading. You can earn Maple Points by purchasing certain packages or by selling Mesos. Then you can use those Maple Points to purchase Crystals in the Package menu.

How do you get a Chew Chew island set?

After completing the Arcane River: Road of Vanishing quest line, characters level 210 or higher can access Chew Chew Island by jumping off the cliff in the Foggy Falls map. After completing the Chew Chew Island quests, you can acquire the Arcane Symbol: Chew Chew Island.

How do I get maple compensation?

Can you gift NX Maplestory?

GIFTING. In addition to your regular purchases, you can gift an item to a special someone by clicking the Gift button while purchasing with NX Prepaid during Checkout. Make sure to have the correct character name of the other person when gifting!

Can you buy Mesos in Maplestory M?

You can Buy Maplestory M Mesos at MmoGah with the most reasonable prices. At the same time, you can get MmoGah Top Coupons and can get large order discount in the meantime.

How do you charge a NX?

Access the in-game Cash Shop, then locate and click the ‘Charge NX’ button to begin the process of adding NX Credit to this account.

How do I get Maple Point?


  1. Maple Cash – Can be purchased using prepaid card, mobile phone, payment kiosk, and credit/debit cards. …
  2. Maple Point – Can be earned via certain in-game events and activities.
  3. Mileage Point – Can purchase items in the Mileage shop or to apply a 30% discount on certain Cash Shop purchases.

How do you get maple points in Maplestory M?

What is Maple cash?

Maple Cash is MapleSEA’s game cash. It can be used in the Maple Trading System and for purchasing Cash Items from the Cash Shop. However, Maple Cash can only be used in MapleSEA.

How do you get NX Mesos?

If you need mesos, you can buy them from other players with Maple Points. If you need Maple Points, you can sell your mesos to other players for a price you set. You will also be able to purchase Maple Point Coupons in the Cash Shop.

How do you transfer pets in MapleStory?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the Cash Shop.
  2. Pick an eligible item you would like to transfer to a different character, and move it into your Cash Inventory.
  3. Right-click the item.
  4. Click the ‘TRANSFER’ button.
  5. Select the recipient of the item from the drop down.
  6. Click the ‘OK’ button.

What is NX credit?

NX credit is virtual money that comes with certain limitations. This can be charged using PayPal, credit cards, charge mobile, and Earn Free NX. The NX credit can also be charged by accepting offers and also filling out surveys. One can only charge $60 a month using NX credit.

How do you convert NX to meso?

To buy NX with mesos, head to the free market, and speak to Miss Richfield, the Meso Market Manager. Alternatively, you can use the quick move feature in some towns, including Henesys. Select ‘Lemme into the Meso Market!

How do I use maple point?

Players can spend reward points in the cash shop to purchase some items that normally cost NX or to get a discount on some purchases in the cash shop. To use reward points, open up the Cash Shop, go to the Event tab on the left side, and select Maple Rewards Shop.

How do I get maple points with NX reboot?

How do you get trade meso in Maplestory M?

How to trade Maplestory M Mesos? You need to use Google to search U4N website, find the Maplestory M game inside and enter the Mesos page. Set up one or more projects with the same number of Mesos on the market. Then provide U4N website customer service with its full name and a screenshot of your product on the market.

What is wild totem?

Maximum Level: 1

Summons a large totem that emits a mysterious energy. The totem’s energy attracts enemies on the map, reduces enemy respawn speed, and increases respawn amount. This totem will disappear once you move maps.

Do reward points expire Maplestory?

Your reward points expire after 7 days, so be sure to claim them after you’ve farmed some. Also, as the cash items you can purchase with reward points have a monthly limit on them, you should be sure to spend your reward points each month.

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