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How Did Technoblade Get Cancer? Death News Update – Was He A Smoker?


Jan 29, 2024
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Famous Youtuber Technoblade known for his Minecraft has died at the age of 23. His fans want to know the reason behind his death as he was so young. Scroll below to find more.

Technoblade, a beloved Minecraft streamer and content developer, died at the age of 23 from cancer, over a year after announcing his condition. Techoblade’s father sent a statement from his son confirming the streamer’s death in a YouTube video titled “so long nerds.”

In the video, his dad read his final message which said “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you’re watching this, I am dead,”. In the emotional video, his father revealed in a teary voice that he wrote the final message for his fans just 8 hours before his demise.

Technoblade also thanked all of his fans and if he had another hundred lives he would choose to be Technoblade again. The past year was a rough spot for him as he was battling stage four cancer.

How Did Technoblade Get Cancer? Death News Update

Technoblade opened up about him having cancer in August 2021 in one of his videos. He stated that he began experiencing pain in his right arm the previous month.

At first, he mistook it for a gaming-related repetitive stress injury. However, after a few days, he saw his shoulder was swollen and assumed he had a broken bone. Technoblade was diagnosed with cancer after visiting the hospital.

In a fundraising video posted in February, the online sensation explained that he had undergone chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a limb salvage operation after developing a painful tumor in his right arm.

He died of Sarcoma which is a rare bone and soft tissue malignancy. Over the years, he grew to fame through his Minecraft videos where he talked about his life in a humorous way while playing the game.

Did Technoblade Smoked?

As many have been wondering if Technoblade smoked, the answer is No. He used to make Minecraft videos while talking about his life experience.

In his last message to his fans, he told that his real name was Alex, recalling the day he tricked viewers into thinking his name was Dave.

Recent game upgrades have been used to assist children in exploring and developing their job skills and knowledge. In addition, you can also find answers to real-world situations such as flooding.

There is only a little information about Technoblade, who hid his true identity until the very end. His online persona, though, was a crowned pig.

Tribute To Minecraft Streamer Technoblade

As soon as the news of his death surfaced online, all of his fans and fellow YouTubers started paying tribute to the Minecraft streamer Technoblade.

In his farewell video, his father stated that he adored and respected his friends and colleagues. He further added that a proportion of the earnings from his late son’s merchandise online orders would now be donated to charity.

Twitter is flooding with people’s tweets remembering Technoblade as he had touched so many lives in his lifetime. The final video on his channel ended with the statement “We, the family of Technoblade, wanted all of you to know exactly how much he adored and valued his fans and colleagues,”

The message was in written form at the end of the video for his fans.

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