How Did Shaquem Griffin Lose Hand? NFL Linebacker Announces Retirement

Shaquem Griffin, widely known as a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, has inspired people worldwide with his accomplishments. Many fans are interested in learning how Griffin came only to have one hand. Since having surgery to amputate his left hand when he was four years old, Griffin has been without it.

Griffin was identified as having Amniotic Band Syndrome. This disorder resulted in the umbilical cord wrapping around his wrist while he was still in the womb, preventing the proper development of his left hand.

The pivotal moment occurred when Tangie Griffin, Griffin’s mother, discovered her four-year-old son with a knife in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Griffin was willing to cut off his hand because he thought it would make the pain go away because it had gotten so awful. Tangie Griffin decided that her son needed surgery in the hopes that it would help with the agony.

He was holding a knife when I entered the kitchen, Tangie told ESPN. He was preparing to remove the digits.

How Did Shaquem Griffin Lose Hand?

Shaquem Griffin, widely known as, a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks, was born with amniotic band syndrome, a congenital fetal condition that damaged his left hand while he was still in the womb.

By age four, he was in so much pain that he wanted to amputate the limb himself. He had his hand removed, but he continued to grow up playing football and doing everything else a little boy from Florida would do.

Griffin wasn’t simply a good football player; he was a pro. While attending the University of Central Florida, where Shaquem won the 2016 American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year award and the 2018 Peach Bowl MVP, he and his brother played football together throughout their childhood.

As the talented one-handed linebacker entered the 2018 NFL Draft, the league watched as he was selected in the third round. Athletes who use one hand only rejoiced.

Shaquem Griffin Amniotic Band Syndrome Disease

Amniotic band syndrome, a rare disorder that develops during fetal development, caused Griffin, 22, to lose his left hand when he was 4.

According to the University of California, San Francisco, the actual etiology of this condition is unknown. Still, it’s assumed to happen when pieces of the fetus become entangled in the amniotic sac or the sac of fluid surrounding the developing baby (UCSF).

According to UCSF, in difficult situations, the bands might encircle essential organs like the skull or umbilical cord, which can be fatal.

In Griffin’s instance, the amniotic strands wrapped around his left wrist and typically prevented his left hand from developing.
Griffin and his twin brother, Shaquill’s lives could have been at risk if surgeons had tried to remove the band while the babies were still in the womb.

Shaquem Griffin was consequently born with an uncomfortable and improperly functioning left hand. To ease his discomfort, doctors removed his hand in 1999.
According to ESPN, Shaquem Griffin now aspires to become the first player with one hand drafted into the NFL in the contemporary age.

NFL Linebacker Announces Retirement

The only known one-handed player in NFL history, Shaquem Griffin, has decided to end his playing career.

Griffin said he quit football on Wednesday in a self-penned article at The Players’ Tribune titled “Plan A,” but he’s staying in the NFL.

Griffin recently accepted a position to join the NFL Legends Community, working with retired players and mentoring current and former players on a variety of topics “anything, including how to deal with mental health concerns and enter and exit the game.

It serves as a tool to help gamers with advice and support no matter what they may be going through or attempting, such as assisting with community service projects, “Griffin composed. His default strategy is that.

Griffin claimed that this discussion at breakfast during Super Bowl week with Goodell and a few other individuals helped him see his path to this new stage of his life. Griffin came on Good Morning Football the morning of his retirement to discuss the next phase of his journey.

For any athlete, much less a one-handed one, Griffin’s accomplishments of starting at UCF, being selected in the NFL draft, and playing three full seasons with a playoff contender may have been considered excellent.

What Was His Net Worth At Retirement?

Shaquem Griffin’s net worth is between $3-$5 million as of 2022. It is determined by deducting all of his debts from the value of his assets, including cash on hand.

According to HeroSports, the 23-year-old earned £606,728 ($798,000) during his relatively brief NFL career. Before the 2018 NFL season, he was the 3343rd richest player in the league.

Additionally, he will undoubtedly move up the ranks if he keeps competing. In May 2018, Shaquem Griffin agreed to a £2.11 million ($2.78 million) contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

Griffin received a £242,000 ($318,000) signing bonus immediately and will receive a base salary of £365,000 ($480,000) this year.

Over the next three years, his base pay will be £433,000 ($570,000), £502,000 ($660,000), and £570,000 ($750,000), respectively.

Russell Wilson earns the most money at the Seahawks ($23.79 million cap hit), but Robert Griffin is the 54th highest-paid player on the team.

How Did Shaquem Griffin Lose Hand? NFL Linebacker Announces Retirement

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