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How did improved transportation technologies and commercial practices lead to an


Jan 29, 2024
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How did improved transportation technologies and commercial practices lead to an increased volume of trade in the Indian Ocean?

Improved transportation technologies led to an increased volume of trade by making it easier to travel on animals, and harnesses allowed for the carrying of more items across longer distances like the Silk Road and the Trans Saharan.

What new and/or improved commercial practices facilitated the development of trade in the Indian Ocean?

[6] The efficiency and volume of trade in the Indian Ocean was also facilitated by the introduction of new maritime technologies. The Chinese introduced the compass and massive trading ships called Junks which were able to carry larger cargoes.

What technological developments from the 1200 to 1450 time period facilitated trade?

The growth of inter-regional trade in luxury goods was encouraged by innovations in previously existing transportation and commercial technologies, including the caravanserai, forms of credit, and the development of money economies as well as the use of the compass, the astrolabe and larger ship designs.

What commercial practices affected the Silk Road?

Commercial Practices

During the Silk Road, China turned to paper money and letters of credit as a way to buy and sell goods and paying taxes instead of bartering. This changed the way merchants across the Silk Road made exchanges with each other and citizens along the trade route.

What new innovations and technologies emerged during this time that helped to improve the trade network?

Innovations in navigational technology (compass, astrolabe, lateen sail, stern-post rudder, etc.) helped significantly increase the volume and extent of trade in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

In what ways did commercial exchange Foster Other changes?

3. In what ways did commercial exchange foster other changes? Commercial exchange frequently provided the incentives and resources for the creation of larger, more powerful states. It provided sustained contact through which cultural influences were also exchanged, as was the case with the spread of Buddhism and Islam.

What are improved commercial practices?

1. Improved commercial practices led to an increased volume of trade and expanded the geographical range of existing trade routes— including the Silk Roads—promoting the growth of powerful new trading cities.

How did technology affect the Silk Road?

Chinese Technologies Introduced into the West via Silk Road

The Chinese Four Great Inventions (paper making, printing, gunpowder and compass) as well as the skills of silkworm breeding and silk spinning were transmitted to the West.

What transportation technologies facilitated trade along the Silk Roads?

What commercial technology facilitated trade along the Silk Roads? The magnetic compass, gunpowder and paper were commercial technologies that were traded along the Silk Roads.

How did the growth of states lead to further growth of trade quizlet?

How did the growth of states lead to further growth of trade? It helped institutionalize the revenue from trade. Explain how Malacca is an example of how growth of states led to further growth of trade. They became wealthy by building a navy and by charging fees on ships that passed through the Strait of Malacca.

How did cross cultural interactions lead to cultural and technological diffusion?

Cross-cultural exchanges were fostered by the intensification of existing or the creation of new networks of trade & communication. … Increased cross-cultural interactions also resulted in the diffusion of scientific and technological traditions.

How did the show affect and facilitate trade networks?

The dhow was used for heavy items that were not as fit for land-based trade. … The dhow and lateen sail did for maritime trade what the saddle and stirrup did for land trade: they helped people widen networks of trade and communication thus accelerating the diffusion of goods, ideas, and culture.

How did the compass improve trade?

Also, the magnetic compass allowed people to map out the world as they knew it, since they now knew what direction each country was in. Therefore, the magnetic compass effectively allowed Europeans to navigate across oceans and expand their empire, colonizing and trading everywhere they went.

How did the traded goods make their way to Europe from the Middle East?

These goods were transported over vast distances— either by pack animals overland or by seagoing ships—along the Silk and Spice Routes, which were the main arteries of contact between the various ancient empires of the Old World.

How did the junk affect and facilitate trade networks quizlet?

Junk affected and facilitated trade networks because they were perfectly built to travel the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. These ships also allowed many people and goods to travel on it at a time, further extending the amount they were able to trade.

What are the effects of navigation improvements?

The Acts increased colonial revenue by taxing the goods going to and from British colonies. The Navigation Acts (particularly their effect on trade in the colonies) were one of the direct economic causes of the American Revolution.

How did new technologies affect the age of exploration?

The magnetic compass and rose were a huge leap forward technologically. The magnetic compass and rose were also incredibly important inventions that helped spark the Age of Exploration. Consisting of a magnetized needle, compasses provided sailors with an amazingly powerful navigational aid.

What were some of the improvements in ships and navigation?

Three tools are of particular importance to this time period: lateen sails, the astrolabe, and the magnetic compass. Lateen sails were triangular sails which allowed ships to sail directly into the wind, versus the formerly used square sails that did not allow ships to sail into the wind.

What did the Navigation Acts lead to?

The Navigation Acts, while enriching Britain, caused resentment in the colonies and contributed to the American Revolution. The Navigation Acts required all of a colony’s imports to be either bought from Britain or resold by British merchants in Britain, regardless of the price obtainable elsewhere.

How did the Navigation Acts lead to an increase in smuggling?

In an attempt to enhance colonial profitability and exert greater control, England passed a series of Navigation Acts that fostered illicit trade and heightened tensions with the colonies. … Though the bulk of colonial trade was legal, colonists imported and exported tobacco, sugar, cotton, and wool at will.

What were the effects of the Navigation Acts on the colonies?

Navigation Acts prevented the colonies from shipping any goods anywhere without first stopping in an English port to have their cargoes loaded and unloaded; resulting in providing work for English dockworkers, stevedores, and longshoremen; and also an opportunity to regulate and tax, what was being shipped.

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