Grilled Plums Recipe

A bit of heat from the grill brings out the already sweet nature embedded in plums, caramelizing the sugars on the cut surface to wonderfully yummy effect. And, because these luscious summer and early fall delights tend to come into season all at once, finding novel ways to serve them is unusually welcome.


  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. Make sure the cooking grate on the grill is scrubbed clean and well oiled, then prepare a charcoal or gas grill to medium hot heat: You should be able to hold your hand about 1 inch over the cooking grate for 3 to 4 seconds. While the grill heats, rinse the plums clean, pat them dry, cut them in half around their pits, and remove and discards the pits.

  3. Put the plums on a tray or baking sheet. Brush them with the oil, paying particular attention to the cut sides.

  4. Put the plums, cut-side down, on the hot grill. Cover and cook until they’re grill-marked and heated through, about 5 minutes.

Grilled Plums Serving Ideas and Variations

Serve the grilled plums hot or warm, as a side dish or with ice cream for dessert.

  • If serving as a savory side dish, a sprinkle of salt and a grind or two of freshly ground black pepper is wonderful. Also freshly chopped rosemary or thyme makes a delicious addition.
  • If serving sweet for dessert, pair with ice cream, ricotta cheese, yogurt, or whipped cream. A sprinkle of chopped pistachios or other nut is lovely. Also, as you cook the plums, feel free to grill the cut side of the plum, then turn over and sprinkle each plum half with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon or cardamom. Cover and grill until the sugar melts and starts to bubble, 3 to 5 minutes.
Grilled Plums Recipe

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