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GOOGLE SEO: 2 Good Ways to Remove Duplicate Content, and 8 Bad Ones



Duplicate content is two or more pages containing the same or very similar text. Duplicate content splits link authority and thus diminishes a page’s ability to rank in organic search results.

Say a website has two identical pages, each with 10 external, inbound links. That site could have harnessed the strength of 20 links to boost the ranking of a single page. Instead, the site has two pages with 10 links. Neither would rank as highly.

Duplicate content also hurts crawl budget and otherwise bloats search engines’ indexes.

Ecommerce sites create duplicate content. It’s a byproduct of platform settings and technology decisions. What follows are two good ways to remove duplicate content from search-engine indexes — and eight to avoid.

Remove Indexed Duplicate Content
To correct indexed, duplicate content, (i) consolidate link authority into a single page and (ii) prompt the search engines to remove the duplicate page from their index. There are two good ways to do this.

301 redirects are the best option. 301 redirects consolidate link authority, prompt de-indexation, and also redirect the user to the new page. Google has stated that it assigns 100 percent of the link authority to the new page with a 301 redirect. But Bing and other search engines are tighter lipped. Regardless, use 301 redirects only when the page has been permanently removed.
Canonical tags. “Canonical” is a fancy word for something that is recognized as the one truth. In search engine optimization, canonical tags identify which page should be indexed and assigned link authority. The tags are suggestions to search engines — not commands like 301 redirects. Search engines typically respect canonical tags for truly duplicate content.
Canonical tags are the next best option when (i) 301 redirects are impractical or (ii) the duplicate page needs to remain accessible — for example, if you have two product grid pages, one sorted high-to-low, and the other low-to-high, you wouldn’t want to redirect one to the other.

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8 Methods to Avoid
Some options that remove — or claim to remove — duplicate content from search indexes are not advisable, in my experience.

302 redirects signal a temporary move rather than permanent. Google has said for years that 302 redirects pass 100 percent of the link authority. However, 302s do not prompt de-indexation. Since they take the same amount of effort to implement as 301s, 302 redirects should only be used when the redirect is truly temporary and will someday be removed.
JavaScript redirects are regarded by Google as valid — after several days or weeks have passed for the rendering to process to complete. But there’s little reason to use JavaScript redirects unless you lack server access for 301s.
Meta refreshes are visible to shoppers as a brief blip or multisecond page load on their screen before the browser loads a new page. They are a poor choice due to the obnoxious user experience and the rendering time Google needs to process them as redirects.
404 errors reveal that the requested file isn’t on the server, prompting search engines to deindex that page. But 404s also remove the page’s associated link authority. Try to 301 redirect a deleted page when you can.
Soft 404 errors occur when the server 302 redirects a bad URL to what looks like an error page, which then returns a 200 OK server header response. For example, say has been removed and should return a 404 error. Instead, it 302 redirects to a page that looks like an error page (such as, but returns a 200 OK response.
The 302 response inadvertently tells search engines that is gone but might be coming back, so the page should remain indexed. Moreover, the 200 response tells search engines that is a valid page for indexing. Soft 404s thus bloat the index even further by resulting in not just one bad URL being indexed, but two.

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Search engine tools. Google and Bing provide tools to remove a URL. However, since both require that the submitted URL returns a valid 404 error, the tools are a backup step after removing the page from your server.
Meta robots noindex tag is in the head of the HTML file. The noindex attribute tells bots not to index the page. When applied after a page has been indexed, it may eventually result in de-indexation, but that could take months. Unfortunately, link authority dies with the engines’ ability to index the page. And since search engines must continue to crawl a page to verify that the noindex attribute is still in place, this option doesn’t reduce dead-weight pages from the index. (Note, incidentally, that the nofollow attribute of the meta robots tag has no impact on that page’s indexation.)
Robots.txt disallow does not prompt de-indexation. Pages that are disallowed after they have been indexed are no longer crawled by search engine bots, but they may or may not remain indexed. It’s unlikely that these pages will show up in search results unless searched for by URL, however, because the search engines will no longer crawl the page.
While they’re not ideal for removing indexed content, meta robots noindex and robots.txt disallow should both prevent new duplicate content from being indexed. Their application, however, requires that duplicate content be identified before the launch of a new site, and they are not 100-percent effective.

Your Best Bet
If you need a sure method of de-indexation, a 301 redirect or 404 error is your best bet because the server no longer loads the content that had been found on that page. If you need to de-index the page and harness the link authority, use a 301 redirect.

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12 Lucrative Businesses To Invest Money In Nigeria As An Entrepreneur.




Businesses To Invest Money In Nigeria As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur what comes to your mind is how and where to invest money in Nigeria with little capital. in our today post i will make sure i expose you to many business opportunities you can invest you small capital on. your opinion on the comment section will highly be accepted.

We will start with the investment opportunities for those who have little capital but still want to make an investment to get income.

Where to invest your money in Nigeria

The following ideas can help you to make a real fortune if you invest wisely. However, we advise you to study the field of investment thoroughly before you decide to invest your money.


It is known that cryptocurrency is one of the biggest and riskiest investment opportunities in Nigeria and around the world. The good thing about cryptocurrency is that you can make quick money if you know how the system works.

Buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoin, XRP, and others is a high yield investment opportunity to use if you have already got some extra cash.

Make sure you contact a professional who can give you a hand with getting a proper knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Gold is perceived as a symbol of power and affluence. investing in gold is one of the best investment in Nigeria. Investing in this precious metal can help you to make a lot of money as gold’s value never falls because of the incredible importance attached to it. 15 karat gold will still always be 15 karat gold, but its worth will definitely increase over that period.

There are a few types of gold items to invest in, they includes gold jewelry, bars, coins, bullions, gold-plated items. If you store them for some period of time, for example, 20 years, you’ll be amazed at the return on your investment.

Another option is to buy and sell gold items, however, you need to learn the basics of doing gold business in Nigeria. You must learn how to measure, weigh and value them. You need also learn how to see if you have a real gold product or counterfeit.

If you have as low as 100,000 to 1 million Naira to invest in the gold business, you can make a fortune.


Stocks are one of the best and also riskiest investment in Nigeria for those who are able to invest a big capital. However, both individuals and companies can easily lose their money if the deal doesn’t go well.

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Many people lost money in the 2008 New York Stock Exchange crash. In the decade after this collapse, we can see a total recovery of the stock market. “Stocks in emerging markets have had a rough year, but that could change considerably next year”.

To cash out big in stocks investments, you need to develop your own winning system, conduct research before investing in stocks, and choose a quality stock. The thing is investing in stocks can help you get an incredibly high return which also comes in dividends and bonuses.

Investments in the stock market for individuals start at 200,000 Naira and for companies at 1 million Naira.

Real estate

Compared to other ways of investing money in Nigeria, investing in real estate is one of the most profitable investment ideas, but it requires possessing high capital. Buying properties in Nigeria is one of the surest investments one can make because Nigeria is a developing country. When investing in real estate, take into account which city or town the property you are going to buy is located.

If you want to get a quick and high return on the property investment, you may consider major cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt or cities like Delta, Onitsha, Ogun, Enugu.

After you buy the land, wait for a while and start selling it. You can also build on this piece of land such kinds of properties like hotels, apartment houses, hostels, shopping malls, events and conference halls and other. Rather than saving money on the bank account, invest them in real estate business.


You may be surprised but agriculture in Nigeria is one of the sectors that gave birth to the whole set of millionaires. Given the fact that the government continues to drive agriculture in order to diversify the economy, it is an attractive area for investors. Besides, most people on the African continent lives in rural areas, so African countries will keep a finger on the pulse of the agricultural sector.

The most interesting part of it is that investing in Agriculture requires a very small amount of capital and it’s ROI (return of investment) is always encouraging.


farming Another top business idea on how to invest in Nigeria is farming as food is a necessary means of survival. This industry is supported by the Nigerian government as a way of promoting economic diversification. If you are not interested in direct farming, you can cooperate with a company that makes its profit on farming. Remember to do an investigation of the organisation you are planning to invest in to avoid being shortchanged or scammed.

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Pure water production

You might hear that pure water, “sachet water” production is saturated and it may die off very soon because of the government plan to ban the production of this water to save the environment from polythene destruction.

In this case, the possible solution that can help to solve the problem is the establishment of a nylon recycling plant or boost production of bottled water.

To get started with this business is not as difficult as you may think, and it requires low capital, but it also depend on the city or town of t=your residence. with the minimum of 500,000 to 1million you can set up your own pure water production company.

Oil and gas business

Africa is blessed with huge deposits of gas and oil which means that Nigerians offer the finest business opportunities. While foreigners are mostly investing money in mining such mineral resources as Oil, Gas, Gold, Coal, Limestone, Bitumen, Iron Ore, and other, Nigerian investors are encouraged to start businesses and make investments into the national economy.

Haulage services

The haulage or trucking business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Given the fact that the cost of renting one truck to haul your goods from one place to another in Nigeria starts at N20,000 per trip. In addition, Africa’s rail transport system is quite poor so far, so to deliver the goods from farms and villages to the marketplace, you will need to transport them through the road.

However, haulage services in Nigeria is not limited solely to trucking business. You can also haul your containers through the river, lake, sea and so on…….

Inland waterway transport is another competing sector of the Nigerian logistics industry. Water transportation is not as developed in Nigeria as in Western Countries but it is still worth investing. While it is more cost-consuming, it is able to reduce the traffic congestion on the road. One more option to consider when investing money in Nigeria is outsourcing bus services.

If you are more interested in lifting humans than goods, this business can possibly help you to make money by investing in providing transportation services to various organizations including schools, NGOs, religious organizations, companies. Some organizations cannot afford their own transport system, but you can be the one who will be providing the cars or buses as well as the drivers for them.

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Internet marketing

It is known that digital marketing is one of the leading industries. Nigeria as developing is trying to catch on with the rest of the world in this sector of the economy. If you are interested in digital and internet technologies, you might find investing in e-services worth your attention.

Many internet companies today offer a range of e-services including web hosting, web, and app designing and development, SEO services, digital marketing services, etc. Nigeria’s online presence is known to increase every year. For this reason, online advertisers are highly appreciated in Nigeria. Many businesses here are creating online stores to make the massive community of Nigerians acquainted with their products and services.

This influx has created a new promising business opportunity in Nigeria, a need for digital marketing experts.

Fashion Line

Africans/Nigerians are famous around the world for being trendy. Fashion is a great opportunity to invest in. Not only designers but investors who basically don’t lift a finger are becoming millionaires. Lately, Nigerian fashion business has survived a revolution which caused a boom in this industry. You can also invest in uniform supply and make money from sewing uniforms for schools, organizations, army, etc. One more cloth related investment idea is the importation of wears. such as clothes, shoes, bags, and other.

Believe me This is a fast-growing trend in many African countries as this is a great solution for most of the poor and developing African countries.

Media and show biz

It is a well-known fact that Nigeria is the king of entertainment in Africa, mass media and show biz industry here are worth investing huge amounts of money.

One of the most lucrative ideas is investing in creating a TV station. Developing show biz in Nigeria is also a great way of investing money, however, this is best in big cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja. media and show biz Photo from If you want to succeed financially, you can take advantage of investing your money in one of the promising sectors of the economy.

Hope you found the investment opportunities in Nigeria in 2019 listed above helpful.

We welcome your comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this article. Your comments may take some time to appear. Please be aware that off-topic comments will be deleted.

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Top 14 Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.




Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.

Plastic companies in Nigeria are numerous because all the businesses that produce something need cheap, comfortable, and easy-to-use containers, wrapping, packages, and so on. Still, there are companies that handle their duties better than others. Let’s give our attention to those Nigerian providers and producers of plastic which have the best reputation and experience.

Plastic Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria.

Below are the top notch plastic manufacturing companies to check out on in Nigeria.


Dana Plast is one of the leading plastic manufacturing company in Nigeria with over 17 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry. They produce premium designed products and manufacture custom built as well as general purpose products.


Black Horse Plastic Products, a Nigerian manufacturing company with products in plastic chairs and tables, rubber foot-wears and household products. This is a company based in Oyo State.

Geeta Plastic

This company is based in Lagos State. They specialize in the production of blow molded and injection plastic goods like packaging stuff and printed sleeves.

MC Plastic Nigeria Limited

MC Plastic Nigeria Limited are the manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene based products such as jerry cans, drums, chair and other plastic containers. They are located at Plot 28, Sharada Industrial Estate, Shadara Phase 1, Kano State.

Leoplast Nigeria

Leoplast Nigeria is Locate in Ogun State, this company can provide you with anything you need, starting with plastic containers for food, household tools and furniture, and ending with paint buckets and packaging materials of all possible types. They are actually the biggest and the oldest producers of plastic items in Nigeria.

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Bathija Group

Bathija Group is the leading manufacturing company that produces synthetic plastic polymer, PVC pipes of high quality in variety of ranges including PVC -U pressure and casing pipes.

Nampet Ventures

The company specializes in plastic packaging and vessels for drinking water (bottles of different types). Also, you can find airtight caps for the bottles with water. The company also recycles plastic, saving the nature and making their goods cheaper.

Environmental Expressions Limited (EEL)

Environmental Expressions Limited (EEL) are located at 1K Second Avenue, Kado-Mbinko, Gwarinpa, Abuja FCT, Nigeria. They are into production of high quality plastic packaging bags, preforms and new plastic products from 100% recycled waste material.

Holborn Plastics

Holborn Plastics are Located in Kano State, this company produces and provides big items like tanks for the water storage or plastic dustbins. In addition, you can find an assortment of injection molded furniture items and household products.

Techblow Nigeria Limited

Techblow Nigeria Limited is a plastics producing & marketing company for all kinds of blow moulding products ranging from 500ml to 50 litre plastic jerry cans, plastic coolers, cosmetic jars, pharma bottles, yoghurt bottles and other containers. They are located at Km 40, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Ijako, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Salamasor Nigeria

Salamasor Nigeria Here’s another Lagos based manufacturer of plastic goods. These guys are specialists in the production of polyethylene films of different types like printed and smooth rolls, polypropylene, shrink and stretch films, and other types of packaging for the industrial and domestic usage.

Mustayak General Enterprise

Mustayak General Enterprise is another Kano based plastic manufacturing company, This Kano State based company produces all types of plastic buckets, coolers, plates, and other items, which may be used for household and industrial purposes.

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Nampet Ventures Limited

Nampet Ventures Limited is a plastic packaging and water bottling company producing PET preforms, PET plastic bottles, high density polyethylene bottle caps, bottling of distilled water and the recycling of plastic bottles.

Peter E. Venture Nigeria Limited

Peter E. Venture Nigeria Limited manufactures plastic products such as cosmetics plastic containers, coat hangers of assorted designs, shoe soles, cloth pegs, disposable take away food containers, multi colored drinking straws and yogurt containers.

Thank you very much for your esteem time to read up this post from us, please do share this among friends and love ones online. In case of inquiries or as a manager of any of the above companies, you want to contact be included, please contact +2348114958825. All our price are affordable.

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Learn Several Noteworthy Drawbacks Of The Bitcoin ATM!




You all have heard about the bitcoin ATM, right, but have you ever noticed the dark side of using this machine. There is no doubt that when you use the machine, you will get high-end security and ease of use, but some drawbacks make it horrible to use. It is not true that the bitcoin ATM is the best way. There are some drawbacks that developers need to develop by the developer. You can easily use the machine, no doubt, but can you pay a high fee for buying or selling the digital coin? No one will agree with this because a high fee means you have to pay the profit, which is not acceptable by anyone. You have to check out all the things in deep and then you have to step ahead for using the machine because it will give you the idea that you have to use the machine or not. You can collect some more information from

 It would be best to check everything first and then go with that method. You should never check the advantages of a particular method. Instead, it would help if you had to pay concentration to the drawbacks of using that method. The wrong side can harm you, and that is why you should be aware of it. You can get enough idea when you read the points mentioned in the below-written article. Then, look at several essential drawbacks of the bitcoin ATM and study things from it.

Drawback number 1

The first drawback that comes in on the top is that you will have to pay a high fee, which is not suitable for the investor to invest via this method. If you have another investment method, you should go with it instead of using the bitcoin ATM because it is not affordable. You should always check out the machine and always check the fees of that particular machine. There are different machines, and all of them have different charges, which you need to pay if you use them for buying or selling the digital coin. 

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It is not like a simple machine. Only you have to pay charges to get the service. The fee is one of the most significant drawbacks, and the developer must work on it. People always look for an economical method for buying or selling digital coins, and it is not a good option. You will be shocked to hear that there is some ATM of bitcoin crypto that charges around 30 percent of the amount as a fee. 

Drawback number 2

Another major drawback of using the bitcoin ATM is you have to face the service reliability of the machine, which is very low. You have to face a low-class service when you use the machine to buy or sell the digital coin, and sometimes the machine stops working, and no one repairs it for days. Therefore, it is not suitable for the customer, and the owner should work on it because it is essential to give the best service to the user. 

If you want to use the machine to buy digital cash, you must check whether the machine is working. The developer should always keep the machine updated to use the machine without facing any trouble efficiently. It would be best for all to select an alternate option if the machine is not working, then one can use the method for investing in it.

Drawback number 3

You know that the bitcoin investors are high in number, but there is one major thing: the bitcoin ATM is low in number. You will not be able to use the machine if there is no ATM in your city, and if you want to use it, you have to visit another city which is not possible. It is impossible to find a bitcoin ATM at any corner of the street, the biggest problem. The developer must think about it because the number of machines is low. How can all people use it for buying or selling digital coins via this method? No doubt that bitcoin ATMs are the best service provider, and speed is also good, but not all people can benefit from this machine, which is the biggest problem.

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