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Sadly Global Coronavirus Confirmed Cases Rise Above 2 Million.



Global coronavirus cases crossed the 2 million mark early Wednesday as China and Latin American countries reported new infections.

The global total reached 2,005,564 as at 09.00 GMT.

Death toll from the 210 countries and territories affected by the virus, is also over 126,600.

China reported 46 new infections, a sharp drop from the 89 reported on Tuesday.

The U.S. remains the most stricken nation by the virus.

It has 614,246 cases as at Tuesday night.

The death toll has also soared to a world record 26,064.

Apart from the U.S. Spain, Italy, France, Germany and UK are also badly affected by the disease.

The others are China, Iran and Turkey

Spain has 174,060 cases, 18,255 deaths.

Italy is the third worst-hit nation with 162,488 cases and 21,067 deaths.

France, the world’s fourth has 143,303 cases and 15,729.

please stay at home and stay safe coronavirus is real, ensure you obey all Government order.

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