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Florence Obi takes over as 11th UNICAL VC



Obi was sworn in today, 1st Dec, 2020 in Calabar by the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of UNICAL Governing Council, Nkechi Nwaogu.

She is the first female Vice Chancellor of the 45 years old University.

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Tips for students on how to start writing perfect essays and increase educational achievements




    Every student has at least once come up with the question, “How can I boost my academic performance?” And it is not surprising, as everyone wants to stand out and get high grades. Let alone spending less time on assignments. 

    Writing essays tends to be one of the most assigned tasks in college. Students write myriads of papers during their studies for a reason. First, it develops their writing skills and helps them become more proficient in writing papers on different topics. Second and third, it increases students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And finally, it allows them to compose various papers with thought-provoking ideas and logical structures. However, essay writing can take lots of time. And suffice to say, not everyone wants to spend hours completing a task. This article reveals top tips on writing impeccable essays and increasing academic accomplishments.

Learning The Requirements

    Students often commit a common mistake. They don’t analyze the requirements and start writing papers straight away. It is hard to measure their disappointment when they get stuck and can’t complete the paper. 

    Writing experts from WriteMyEssayOnline suggest that the first thing you want to do is peruse the instructions and requirements coming from your instructor. Typically, writing assignments have keywords you should know before writing the paper. Knowing them will help you identify if the essay requires analyzing, comparing, discussing, or arguing a topic. 

Brainstorming Ideas

    Since writing is an everyday activity in academia, it can be challenging to generate unique papers all the time. Having written plenty of papers, you will observe that your ideas might have already appeared in other writing discourses. It is a common difficulty students encounter. Of course, the best thing to fix this is to take a break from writing. But because it is impossible in the realm of academia, try to approach it from a different angle. Brainstorming is an excellent strategy to develop exclusive ideas and make your essay exclusive. 

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    Fortunately, numerous brainstorming techniques exist these days, so you are free to choose any your heart desires. We regularly use freewriting, mind-mapping, and listing, which helped us create great content for this web page. 

Researching the Area and Finding Relevant Sources

    Academic writing is a real pain in the neck. It has zillions of rules you can’t omit. One of such rules is using authoritative sources. If you want to write perfect essays, finding relevant literature and including it in your works is a must. It will help you increase your essay’s reliability and prove your competence on the topic. 

    When researching the subject, make sure to look for the necessary information on relevant websites. Use Google Scholar and ResearchGate to find credible links. You can also use Wikipedia and check the articles’ bibliography. 

Outlining the Essay

    Outlining may not be the most pleasant task. Still, it will surely accelerate your writing process and make it more productive and effective. An essay outline is a plan for the entire paper. It serves as a roadmap, helping the writer follow the right direction and not deviate from the course (i.e., adding new and thus unnecessary information during writing). 

    An outline doesn’t usually have a structure, meaning everyone can build a layout in any form. We prefer to have it in the form of summarized sentences pertinent to each paragraph. This way, creating the outline doesn’t take much time but helps make the paper coherent and understandable. 

Breaking Down Writing Into Several Sittings

Working on a task until it’s done might sometimes work. However, writing requires close attention, which we humans often lack. Our attention span isn’t endless, and it is no wonder that we become scattered and less effective when working for a long time. The best strategy is to divide your work into several chunks so that you can have short breaks upon finishing every section. It will help you remain concentrated on the task and restore your productivity once you tackle the section.

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With essay writing, you can break down your writing session depending on the number of paragraphs. For example, if you write a 5-paragraph essay, you might want to divide your writing into five sets. 

Following The Right Structure

Whatever essay you write, you will usually create an introduction, body, and conclusion. While this structure is standard, a few people know that an introduction has its peculiarities. And so does the central part and conclusion. They are critical to making the paper cohesive and informative, so it would be reasonable to look at such elements in a broader scope.

  1. Introduction. It usually has:
    1. Opening sentence: Draws the reader’s attention. Includes facts, stories, quotations, statistics, shocking statements.
    2. Background information: Provides the audience with crucial information on the topic to help understand the paper’s purpose.
    3. Thesis statement: Points out the most important ideas or arguments that will be developed within the essay.
  2. Body: The central part comprises:
    1. Topic sentence: Refers to a point stated in the thesis and prepares the reader for its development.
    2. Evidence and explanation: Provides credible information to back up the author’s idea from the thesis statement.
    3. Brief conclusion and transition: Restates the paragraph’s key takeaways and moves to the next section.
  3. Conclusion: The last paragraph contains:
    1. Thesis restatement: Rephrases the thesis and reminds the reader of essential points.
    2. Primary information: Sums up vital information.
    3. Call to action: Stimulates the discussion and/or motivates the reader to further research the topic.

Using Active Learning and Spaced Repetition

    Being a college student requires processing large pieces of information. Attending lectures, we can’t help but try to note down everything the lecturer says. Only a few students succeed in this task. And even if they do, it doesn’t guarantee they will know the subject from the inside out. 

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    Suppose you want to understand the most important information on the topic. In that case, you don’t necessarily need to multitask during the lecture and write down everything coming from your teacher. Instead, jot down only keynotes and provide pertinent questions to them. It will help you actively learn and revise your notes. 

    Spaced repetition is another fantastic technique to retain information in your brain. Studies have shown that the longer people don’t employ their knowledge on the topic, the less they know in the long run. Therefore, make sure to come back to your notes regularly. 



    Writing perfect essays and maintaining high grades isn’t the easiest task. It requires putting in lots of effort. However, the mentioned tips will help you produce flawless papers on various topics and improve your academic performance shortly. Also, don’t forget to follow this web page to get more helpful articles.

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4 Excellent Things You Need To Know About GoGoPDF




In today’s digital age, we all know that Portable Document Format, or PDF, is one of the most extensively used file types. PDFs are frequently desired for various reasons, including file flexibility, universal accessibility, ease of access, and encryption support, which are all reasons why PDFs are commonly favored.

But what if your file is in a different format? What is your preferred method or platform for converting files to and from PDF? Because there are so many to choose from on the internet, it might be challenging to pick just one, right? But what if we gave you the most outstanding and only platform that can assist you in a variety of ways and has the most features and tools? What platform are we discussing? You must continue reading this post to learn more.

GogoPDF Online PDF Tool

GogoPDF is a free platform that enables users to convert, edit, and manage their documents using just their web browser. You may instantly convert any file into the format you choose, including PDF to PDFA, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, and vice versa, using this platform. This fact demonstrates that it is a converter platform that offers a wide range of file types to consumers.

It also includes various tools and functions, such as PDF split, protection, watermarking, adding page numbers, compressing, and merging, in addition, to file conversion. Knowing this, you won’t have to go from one platform to the next to get the tool you need to do your work. So, without further ado, here are some of GogoPDF’s most anticipated features:

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GoGoPDF is Safe and Secure

Of course, everybody reading this wants their data to be private and safe anytime they transfer them to the internet. We all know that many cybercrooks are waiting for the ideal time to steal information from your files or corrupt them. That is something none of us desire. When you use GogoPDF, you won’t have to worry about your files being safe or secure when you upload them to the platform’s system.

GogoPDF is a reputable platform that provides customers with adequate protection to protect their online files. It has implemented Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which ensures that your data are secured while traveling over the internet. Furthermore, the platform is forbidden from retaining information about a user, including credit card information, security or passcodes, and even files, according to the site’s privacy policy.

GoGoPDF is User-Friendly

The user interface of GogoPDF is relatively simple to use. When you first visit their website, you’ll note how pleasing it is to the eye and how simple it is to select the tools you want to utilize. Select the tool you want to use, and you’ll be sent to a new page where you can quickly upload the files you want to process.

When the upload is complete, you may immediately begin the procedure, making it a very user-friendly platform. When the process is finished, you can either download and store it on your storage devices or share it with others using the unique shareable link provided. It’s important to remember that these shareable links are only available for a short time. You may, however, request another one immediately away, and it will not cost you anything.

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Excellent Customer Service

GogoPDF’s prompt customer care team is one of its best features. Whenever you have a problem or mishap, you may send a message to their customer care professionals, who will gladly assist you. In addition, because GogoPDF strives to improve the quality of its services, they will happily appreciate any suggestions, suggestions, or ideas that any user may have that would help them improve their services.

Furthermore, if you choose to pay for a GogoPDF Pro membership, you will receive customer support priority, which means that representatives will give you higher priority than free customers.


Online PDF tools are something anyone can have hassle-free. It doesn’t just provide quality and efficiency, but it can also provide top solutions to any PDF problem. So when looking for the right online PDF tool, be sure to check out GoGoPDF.

Overall, we can confidently state that nothing compares to the capabilities and tools provided by GogoPDF. This is why it is the most excellent online PDF converter you will ever encounter on the internet. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Please give it a go right now!

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My Mission Statement By Imadeyogie Imafidon Stephen




Dear Comrades and stakeholders of great esteem, I write to reiterate that my quest to become the Deputy Coordinator of NANS ZONE B is borne out of my undying zeal to lunch again the NANS of our dream across South South/East.

It’s my zeal to revitalize NANS ZONE B and consolidate every achievements by a way of bringing NANS back to campus of all institutions across ZONE B

Again, the welfare of Nigeria Students will never be taking with a pinch of salt as it will be made an utmost priority and sacrosanct. With maximum cooperation and active joint efforts, the issue of intimation of Nigeria students across board will be a thing of the past.

I thereby passionately plead and solicit for you to support my quest in making this vision and mission a reality. God bless you all.

Comrade Imadeyogie Imafidon Stephen, A Postgraduate students, University of Benin (UNIBEN).


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