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who is Hushpuppi?: Interesting facts to know about billionaire boy Ray Hushpuppi


Jan 29, 2024
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Ray Hushpuppi also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian philanthropist. Ray Hushpuppi is among the biggest and the richest nigeria celebrity, Though he is not an actor neither an artist.

Hushpuppi who is a Nigerian by Nationality, usually Based in Malaysia and Dubai, though according to him, he make his money in Malaysia but in most cases he is based in Dubai.


Hushpuppi become so rich after he decided to leave Nigeria for Malaysia, after much hustling according to his success story, he become so rich, the source of his wealth remain questionable, there is a lot of speculations that he s a fraudster but no appropriate evidence against him.

Hushpuppi has also gained the Title of Nigeria Dark Horse. Hushpuppi become popular and so controversial when he decided to show off his luxurious lifestyle on social media, so far he has beef with many Nigeria Top celebrities like Davido, Phyno, Ice prince Kcee and other. many has accused him to show them this source of his numerous wealth which remain known to the general public.

So far he has been living a life he wished and believed to live despite the fact that he started from the scratch, he has gained the opportunity to to meet with notable wealthy men across the globe, it wasn’t a surprise to most of his fans when he was pictured with Nigeria Senator, Senator Dino Melaye in late 2019.

Hushpuppi and Senator Dino Melaye

Hushpuppi’s Controversies

Billionaire ushpuppi

Hushpuppi once raised alarm that his driver is richer than most Nigeria Commissioners, SSA and many others political positions. The controversial personality made this known when he hosted Daddy Freeze, controversial on-air-personality, and other individuals in his luxurious Dubai home on the occasion of his birthday. It was revealed that Hushpuppi’s driver is paid N700,000 a month.

The total monthly salary of a commissioner or special adviser in Nigeria is said to run into an estimated N520, 000, including domestic allowances for entertainment, personal assistant, vehicle maintenance, newspapers and, utilities.

After the most notable war of words with hushpuppi and most Nigeria Celebrity;

In 2017, Kcee, singer renowned for his song ‘Limpopo’, had called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the source of the Instagram personality’s wealth, stating that the Nigerian music space had had enough from him.

“We are musicians, not paupers. Who exactly do you think you are to open your mouth and insult a musician that sweats day and night in the studio? You have no credibility, no known source of income and yet you come on social media to attack hard working Nigerian musicians with traceable wealth,” Kcee had said.

“I will take it upon myself to raise a petition against you. We want to know your source of income since you now have the nerves to come on social media and call out a brand. We’ve had enough disrespect form you. Really, What do you do for a living, what is your talent, how did you make your money, what brand do you represent?”

Hushpuppi’s House


Unlike Hushpuppi car collection, his house is not much shown off on his social account. He hardly flaunts the design of the house as well as the furniture inside. But he has a house in Dubai and In Nigeria.

According to one of his Instagram post in late 2019, he revealed thst he has also extended his investments into real estate Business.

Hushpuppi’s Cars collection

Just as many politicians and other big boys love flashy and expensive cars, so does Hushpuppi. his car garage is another interesting and wide topic. some of his numerous car collections are

1. Mercedes_Benz G_Wagon

just like every other celebrity will like to have a G_Wagon, Hushpuppi own one which he might not even be interested in using again because by now it must have been old. this car cost him up to N45 million naira

the Niger big Boy and Gucci lover pose with his G_Wagon

2. ferrari 488 GTB

just like other celeb will like to use sport cars, hushpuppi already own a ferrari 488 GTB which he bought for himself. the car has a starting price of N92million naira.

Hushpuppi posing with his Ferrari

3. ferrari 458 Italia

Hushpuppi own a ferrari 458 Italia which he first introduced to the world in August 2019, The model was believe to be Limited Edition; only 10 of them were ever produced all over the world.

Its price tag can go up to ₦153 million without shipping cost or tax if have.

Hush sitting on his baby ferrari

4. Bentley Bentayga SUV

​What is more romantic than buying yourself a Bentley Bentayga as a Valentine gift? that is how he celebrated is 2019 valentine.

The Bentley cost up to N90 million Naira.

Hushpuppi posing with his Bentley

5. Rolls Royce wraith

Hushpuppi is already known for his luxurious lifestyle, his Rolls Royce Wraith cost him over N120 million.

Hushpuppi Rolls Royce

we can not update all his cars here because he is a car lover, it s rumored that Hushpuppi has his own private jet.

Hushpuppi Net Worth

Ranging from his cars, private jet and so many other business he ventured into, hushpuppi net worth is estimated to be $36.5 million dollar.

Hushpuppi source of income is not know to the public, there is a lot of speculations about his source of income according to peoples believe, the interesting part is that even those speculating don’t even have prove of what they are saying. Hushpuppi is not ready to tell it to the world, who will like to tell the world source of his breakthrough?

the truth is that Ray Hushpuppi is extremely rich, and he does not hesitate to show off his luxury on his social media.

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