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Ezekiel Goodman Net Worth, Age, Career


Jan 29, 2024
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Ezekiel Goodman Net Worth: Ezekiel Goodman, who has a net worth of $2 million dollars, is said to be starring in a film directed by Meredith Johnston that will be released later this year. Ezekiel Goodman has kept his personal life.

Ezekiel Goodman is an up-and-coming actor and writer best known for Peacock films and television shows such as Rat Bastard in 2014 and I Know What You Did Last Summer in 2021.

A gang of students is hunted by a mystery murderer a year after a terrible accident on their graduation night, in a neighborhood full of secrets, in I Know What You Made Last Summer, a modern adaptation of the classic 1997 horror-thriller.

Ezekiel gained a little more notoriety after his appearance as Bad Andrew in the TV sitcom Rat Bastard.

Who Is Ezekiel Goodman From ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’?

Ezekiel Goodman is an actor from the United States. I Know What You Did Last Summer 2021, Dragonfly 2021, and Rat Bastard 2014-16 are Ezekiel Goodman’s most well-known works.

Ezekiel Goodman, sometimes known as Zeke Goodman, is a Hawaiian-born actor who grew up in the United States.

Before landing a role in a Hollywood film, the aspiring actor appeared in several programs.

Ezekiel has won the respect and admiration of his fans throughout his eight-year professional acting career.

Ezekiel Goodman Age And Height Revealed

Ezekiel Goodman appears to be between the ages of 25-28. By not giving his precise date of birth to the media, the actor has protected his anonymity. However, based on his work history, he appears to be in his late twenties.

He was drawn to performing at a young age and persuaded his parents that he would make a profession out of it.

Ezekiel had already performed many theater acts by 16 and was a regular at his high school. Ezekiel Goodman stands five feet and eight inches tall. His sleek and trim form is a perfect match for his demeanor.

Because of his attractive and energetic demeanor, the actor appears to be much younger than his actual age. However, when it comes to his weight, he is around 158 kg (150 lbs).

Is Ezekiel Goodman In A Relationship?

Ezekiel Goodman hasn’t revealed anything about his relationship on social media as of 2021. The American actor and writer have stated that he does not feel comfortable disclosing his personal information.

He has managed to keep his secret identity hidden from his first appearance on TV shows, which he does not regret to this day. Ezekiel has also been silent about his previous relationships and indiscretions.

Ezekiel Goodman’s Net Worth

Ezekiel Goodman’s net worth is believed to be approximately $2 million.

The actor, born in Hawaii, has created a name for himself as a writer and performer. However, because he hasn’t disclosed all of his salary information, his actual net worth may fluctuate slightly from that shown above.

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