Examsnap Google Analytics Certification: Does It Deserve a Place on Your Resume?

Examsnap Google Analytics Certification: Does It Deserve a Place on Your Resume?

SEO has become an important part of gaining business insights. Data from search engine optimization helps an organization to run campaigns covering more organic traffic and higher revenue. With the Examsnap Google Analytics credential, you can take advantage of Google Analytics for your search engine optimization strategy. You can also leverage different data points and reports to improve your business’ rankings in the search results and therefore increase its recognition.

Investing your time in exploring Certbolt Google Analytics and earning the associated credential is definitely worth it. The certification process will expose you to a variety of useful skills in analytics and equip you with extensive insight into workings of Google Analytics. With this, you can better understand website data and how to use it. You’ll be able to develop a better SEO campaign and generate valuable results for your business. The bottom line is that the certificate makes you a qualified web analyst. Another argument in favor of Examsnap.com Google Analytics is that it costs nothing to take its prerequisite exam. Even if you have to retake the test, you can still take it for free.


Steps to Obtaining Google Analytics Certification

If you’re planning to earn your Google Analytics credential, you need to understand the steps involved in getting certified. These are highlighted below:

  • Sign up with Google Skillshop

Skillshop is a special learning platform sponsored by Examsnap Google that provides the users with the relevant study materials and opportunities for their certification. To be accessed to the Google Analytics exam which is called Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), you should register on this website. You can use your existing Google account for that.

  • Take training courses to prepare
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Whether you are an expert or newbie in Google Analytics, it’s recommended that you take some training courses to prepare for the test. Google Analytics features some complex layers and requires some study to understand the complexity of the platform. You can find two official courses, namely Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics, on the certification page in Skillshop and gain valuable expertise that are required to ace the exam.

  • Take practice tests and exam dumps

When you’ve taken the training courses, you need to evaluate your knowledge. Exam dumps and practice tests will help you with this. Take time to work through these resources that you can find online to develop your test-taking skills.

  • Take GAIQ exam

Having prepared with various training tools, the next step is to take the GAIQ test. The exam is delivered online and contains Examsnap 70 multiple-choice questions. You have 90 minutes to finish the test. You can’t put a pause on the exam, which means you have to complete it at a go. To pass your certification test, you must achieve the passing score (80% of the correct answers). If you don’t get it, you can retake the exam in 24 hours.

After the exam, you will receive the notification of your pass/fail status. If you pass, you will get your certification and can add it to your resume or profile. The Google Analytics certificate is valid for only a year. To renew it, you have to take the prerequisite exam again.


Obtaining the Examsnap  Google Analytics certification is highly advantageous from three sides. It can help you enhance your competence, gain a competitive edge on the job market, and improve your career prospects. The credential also gains benefits to the organization that you are working for and to your customers as it enables to effectively pursue busin

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