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Enyimba’s blunder might cost them a title



Enyimba’s blunder might cost them a title

Akwa United showed the league why they deserve to be at the top by beating Enyimba in a classic 1-0 win. The team did a great job to score that victory and pushed the champs on the brink of losing the title for the 2020-21 season, and this spells trouble for Enyimba.

Enyimba took a huge hit from Akwa as they could not find a way to score the ball and lost to the top team. There is going to be a need for the team to find their groove as soon as they can.

Now with six games to go in the season, Enyimba needs to get back into their game and prove that they are still one of the best teams in the league. That loss to Akwa was a tough end for them and might affect their odds in Nigeria sportybet.

This also means that the team may miss their chance at the big contests in the country. Losing out on the NPFL is not a good look for Enyimba at this point, which means they need to stop the bleeding.

The need for a push from Enyimba

With their unbeaten run now over, Enyimba has to find some answers and make sure they don’t waste their last six games. The team had a chance to make a huge leap and get to the second spot if they only won that game.

Instead, Akwa is now up by five points from the rest of the league. This only means that Enyimba would have a tougher time fighting their way to the top.

Coach Fatai Osho still has faith in his boys despite the loss. He thinks that the team still has what it takes to win. He does not blame anyone for the loss but rather calls it a tough end instead.

‘Anything can still happen, this is football. We want to look at a continental ticket’, Osho said. ‘If you look at our history, no team has won more points on the road than Enyimba. We could have added more points today but unfortunately, it was not today’.

Why Enyimba still needs to improve

Charles Ashimene nailed the winning goal for Akwa. He found his way left and right before he got to push on the goal and score the goal right away. Akwa had a lot of shots in the win and gave Enyimba a hard time to answer back.

Enyimba could not find an open space to get some good looks. They had a couple of shots that almost found the bottom of the net but none of those tied or won the game for them.

Even with the loss, Osho was still proud of his boys and hopes to see them bounce back later on. Enyimba has a few more points to gain and they will have to make it all three points one game at a time.

‘I’m so proud of my players’, Osho said. ‘They stuck to the tactical agreement prior to this match and we can see that we had the game in our palms and we could string surprises by getting three points’.

This loss now sets Enyimba in the fifth spot. It is about time that the club went on a huge rally to claw their way back to the top of the league once more. They do not have that much time to waste, so they have to grind hard and be a big pick in the Nigeria sportybet.

Enyimba needs to spark a run and make sure they don’t waste their chance. They will need to bring the best of their games and prove to the NPFL that they have what it takes to claw their way back to the top of the league.

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