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Entrepreneurial thinking – the Destiny of a Chosen Few or the Potential of Everyone?


Jan 29, 2024
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Apple, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Tencent, L’Oreal – these and many other companies are the flagships or, as they are called, the drivers of economic growth. Why do we have to talk about them that way? Why do we attach so much importance to entrepreneurs and businesses in general?

Entrepreneurs – change people’s lives, develop society, create jobs, dream, and improve. That’s a pretty bold statement, so let’s see if that’s true. To do that, let’s go back to the original list of brands mentioned at the beginning.

These companies are familiar to you, but familiarity with them is not something you are obliged or forced to do. You, making a conscious choice, buy their products, use their products and services, perhaps follow their news or dream of working for them. They are an integral part of your life. But what is anĀ essay writing service? Of course, the answer is obvious – it’s people.

It is a collective of people with entirely different functional responsibilities, with another type of thinking, with another system of views and opinions, together representing a single coherent mechanism. But no tool can work without a leader, head, chief, the person who will feed it with a particular philosophy and lead it in the direction it considers correct. In short, behind any company, there is a specific person called an entrepreneur.

How and why think like an entrepreneur?

I work as a gardener, mowing gardens, occasionally decorating the landscapes of wealthy homes, quietly and quietly doing my job day in and day out. Why should I think like an entrepreneur?

Of course, you can work for a company that provides these services. Still, you have to understand that we live in a market economy, where people are proactive, seek autonomy, and more and more emphasis is placed on business processes. Self-employment is a trend of our time, evidenced by the emergence of freelancing, self-employment, etc.

Bill Gates invests in various funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease, participates in projects to protect the environment, and Elon Musk put forward an initiative to develop solar panels for a reason. These people set a vector for progress, introducing innovative best practices. It turns out that an entrepreneur is a person with a mindset that is not alien to responsibility, to care for the whole generation.


The modern person cannot fully fit into the framework of current life without having an entrepreneurial mindset because it is becoming a way of life these days. It teaches you how to deal with problems and cope with stress and difficult situations. So, even if you don’t plan to reach your potential as an entrepreneur, this mindset will allow you to develop many qualities that will surely come in handy in life.


In general, the entrepreneurial mindset is a set of beliefs and values that set the trend in the individual’s behavior in an entrepreneurial way. This definition very clearly demonstrates the connection between thinking and behavior. Indeed, the way we think determines our actions and deeds. Accordingly, the development of thought is paramount, the key to conscious existence. We recommend that you take our online program “Cognitive Science” by devoting only 15-25 minutes a day. You will develop your overall thinking by learning more than 20 thinking techniques through interesting simulators and exercises.

Answering what includes entrepreneurial thinking, I would like to point out the characteristics and features inherent in this type of thinking. Let us list them below:


  • Independence;
  • responsibility;
  • Ability to think strategically;
  • purposefulness;
  • willingness to take risks;
  • perception of feedback, including criticism;
  • ability to cooperate;
  • expansion of the comfort zone;
  • adaptability;
  • practice orientation;
  • determination.

Having found out that entrepreneurial thinking is a valuable and vital modern skill, we now suggest you look at how exactly to develop it.

From words to business

Even if a person does not feel the entrepreneurial streak, he has every chance to find it, or rather, to develop it, and here’s how you can do it:

Tip 1. Listen to your complaints.

But don’t just listen, but turn them into opportunities.

Do you know the difference between an entrepreneur and a philistine? For example, if you go to a cafe and don’t like the long wait for your ordered food, you can think of ways to solve the problem. Perhaps develop a unique app for visitors, where they can order online in advance, and when they come to the institution, find the order already on the table. The next step is to sell the developed application to the cafe owner and receive the reward they deserve. It is what is called soap as an entrepreneur.

Now imagine the reverse situation: you come to the cafe, the food is long, you endure, you remain dissatisfied. Finally, you eat the food digested longer because of the decrease in motility of the stomach and small intestine due to the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone), perhaps even express dissatisfaction to the waiter or administrator, thereby spoiling their mood as well. In our opinion, the prospects, in this case, are much sadder.

Think about Elon Musk. Of course, he could have sent endless aggressive letters to companies that polluted the environment, threatened them with lawsuits, and dealt with international organizations to protect the rights of everything in the world. But instead, he used his capital as a physics engineer and created a mega-innovative technology for environmentally-friendly electric cars.

A constructive approach with a bias toward optimism and practical problem solving is the key to understanding entrepreneurial behavior.

Our following recommendation sounds rather pathetic, but don’t jump to conclusions.

Tip 2. Dream

Do not listen to others’ opinions (only listen), especially people who are used to living according to the standard and with a philosophy of conformity. Please include in your circle of acquaintances who are different from others, draw ideas from them, adopt the experience of others, imagine, imagine, develop creativity, fill the empty gaps of reality with your projects.

Going back to Elon Musk’s aforementioned, let’s remember his three dreams related to ecology, Internet payments, and interplanetary travel. Who would have thought that people could fly to other planets at the end of the 20th century? However, this businessman is already ready to launch his ships and is waiting for the moment of a successful project.

Without bold, daring, sometimes crazy ideas, our society would develop much more slowly and uninterestingly. Perhaps you have some crazy idea that borders on a dream, but you do not dare to voice it. It would be fun to see it in the comments!

This next tip has something to do with dreams.

Tip 3. Stay in constant evolution

What did you think? If you dream big, you need to have the proper resource to realize your dreams.

Tracing the education and self-development path of the heroes we’ve reviewed, it’s clear that they’ve all received a decent school of learning. Jeff Bezos, for example, since childhood, read a lot of literature, which played a role in choosing the direction of the first business (online bookstore). In addition, an entrepreneur is undoubtedly a person open to knowledge, new experiences, and new ideas. After dealing with Amazon, he decided to move towards the space industry. Who knows, maybe later we will hear about his new venture?

It’s also essential to realize that everything you put into yourself is a means of inspiration. It’s possible that if little boy Jeffrey hadn’t watched the TV series “Star Love,” he wouldn’t have been the creator of Blue Origin or flown into space. So try to consume the material thoughtfully and analytically.

As part of this trip, we recommend you take our online program, Best Self-Education Techniques, where you’ll learn techniques to help you learn more quickly, efficiently, and engagingly in 5 weeks. The program will teach you proper goal setting and motivation, working with information “long term,” allowing you to cover more material and learn valuable new skills.

The following advice never loses its relevance.

Tip 4. Sort yourself out and find something to your liking

It’s no secret that many contemporaries are serving time in jobs that are not of interest to them, spending resources on what they do not develop and does not bring pleasure. But you can only do administrative work that way.

Do you know any successful entrepreneur who does a job they don’t love? It is unlikely that Bill Gates left Harvard University to do a job he does not like programming. Of course, any job eventually turns into a chore, but if you enter an industry that brings joy and causes interest, it will happen much later. Second, you will seek out new facets of your business, thus becoming an expert in it, and third, it is never too late to start a new business if the old one is boring.

Do you enjoy taking care of flowers? Why not open a flower boutique with some original marketing strategy? Do you love the smell of coffee and are great at tea? Research as many varieties and ways to buy them as possible and go for it! Do you love traveling so much that you’d like to turn it into your job? You know what to do!

Study yourself, the leading book of your life, highlight its main thoughts, underline them and draw conclusions. Everything else is not so essential.

Tip 5. Connect the human resource

Recall that your environment has an incredible impact on shaping your personality. Accordingly, if you surround yourself with people who have achieved the success you aspire to, or at least share your dreams, it will be easier to achieve your goals. It will be great, of course, to communicate with business people with a developed entrepreneurial mindset, so try to look for fruitful acquaintances.

What do you need to do to do this? Nowadays, many opportunities to meet such people are being created: various meetings are held in business gas pedals and art spaces. It would be great to volunteer at some business forum. If you are interested in getting financial resources and publicity for your project, you should go to entrepreneurial forums and contests.

If you implement the above practices in your life, they will immediately be infused with the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Remember: business processes are all about action. No change will come until you begin to take some kind of effort.

Finally, I would like to point out some literature that will be helpful to you if you are interested in developing an entrepreneurial mindset:

  • “Think Rich, Napoleon Hill (an attempt to derive a formula for success based on a survey of many successful people).
  • “From Good to Great,” Jim Collins (factors and conditions necessary to move toward outstanding enterprise performance).
  • “Delivering Happiness,” Tony Shay (a story from the founder of customer-service-oriented Zappos).
  • “Rework. Business Without Prejudice,” by Jason Fryde, David Hansson (advice on starting or growing a business with the rationale that high risk and significant resources are not always its immediate companions).
  • “Customers for Life,” Carl Sewell, Paul Brown (another manual for creating a customer-oriented business from a successful entrepreneur).


We hope that you have deduced for yourself the central message of the above material: act, dream, set aside fears and doubts, and then life will be filled with other people, will play with new colors, and will bring much more vivid impressions.

Authors Bio:

Vicki Mata is a writer who began her journey as a professional writer back at university, winning many writing contests in which she participated. Vicki is now a dedicated writer for, which writes articles on education in general.

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