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Emotional moment James Brown reunited with his sister after 5 years (Video)


Nov 30, 2023

Controversial cross-dresser James Brown has taken to social media to pour out his heart in an emotional manner as he reunites with his sister after five years.

James Brown has become popular on social media for his dramatic scenes but his latest post was one that brought tears out from how eyes as he wept profusely upon seeing his sister.

The dramatic male barbie took to his official Instagram account to share clips of the moment he saw his sister.

Sharing a video of them together, he wrote:

“Today is one of the most beautiful day of my life I got to meet my long lost sister,the only family member that understands my personality in a family that doesn’t understand me. Life was hard for me at that time nobody understands me @iamgraciousbrown showed me that she cares for me. Sister that understands. Sister that cares


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