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Emmanuella Net Worth 2023: Emmanuella Samuel Net Worth House And Biography.


Feb 18, 2024
Emmanuella net worth
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Emmanuella Net Worth: Emmanuella Samuel Best Know as “Emmanuella” is a Nigerian comic actress, model and a TV personality who has a net worth of $150,000 dollars, making her one of the richest kids in Nigeria.

Although she is still a child, she has won a good numbers of awards for herself, As if that is not enough, she has generated a huge fan base which keep growing everyday for herself, An achievement that most adult comedians in the industry are yet to achieve.

Emmanuella also act along with Aunty success another talented kid in Mark Angel Comedy Skit. Emmanuella Samuel was born 22nd of July 2010, She had her origin traced to Imo State, Nigeria.

Emmanuella Early Life

Emmanuella is creative, clever and intelligent, It is alleged that she was discovered by her Cousin brother Mark Angel, through Mark Angel comedy skit. She was on a family holiday when she met with Mark Angel.

Mark Angel who then needed some kids for his comedy shoot, and called a few children he knew for the audition but they couldn’t memorize their lines. He then turned to Emmanuella and she excelled despite the eighteen-hour-long video shoot, a stunt he pulled to test the endurance of the kids. After her selection, Mark Angel had to convince her parents to let her become a part of the Mark Angel Comedy team and got their approval.

Emmanuella Net Worth And Biography.

Emmanuella rose to fame after she was starred in a popular Episode of Mark Angel Comedy “this is not my real face ooh” after then, she become a talk of the town, making everybody including kids want to watch more of her comedy. no Wonder her YouTube channel quickly grow above 5 million subscribers in short period of time. she grew up having a big fan base, who s ever ready to watch every of her skits, this has so far earn her prestigious awards and credits.

Emmanuella Net Worth And Biography.

Emmanuella Parents

A lot of people wonder and want to know who Emmanuella’s real parents are, but her real parents seems to be comfortable with their anonymous status, according to reports online Emmanuella’s parents names are James Samuel and Cynthia Samuel.

Emmanuella YouTube Channels

Emmanuella’s YouTube (Mark Angel Comedy TV) videos generate millions of views within days. The videos are shot and produce by her uncle and named Mark Angel. Emmanuella’s new YouTube episode videos are released every week. She has over 5 million subscribers in Nigeria, her YouTube channel has the highest number of subscribers in Nigeria.

Emmanuella Samuel House

On October 13th 2020, Emmanuella Samuel make news headline in Nigeria and on various social media platforms, after she reportedely build a bungalow for her Mom.

She brought a photo of the house to her Instagram page, congratulating her Mom for her new home.

Emmanuella Awards And Recognition

Emmanuella has won several awards both locally and internationally that most adult comedians in the industry are yet to achieve.

  • In 2015, She won The G influence Niger Delta Special Talent award by the City People Awards and the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2015, an award her exceptional skills in comedy earned her.
  • 2016, Emmanuella won yet two other prestigious awards in Australia, the Princess of Comedy and Most Prominent kid Comedienne.
  • The same year 2016, she was host to CNN in an interactive session, To become the first ever kid in Nigeria to appear in CNN
  • In Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards she won Top Subscribed Creator
  • In 2018 Emmanuella was invited to the National Assembly by former Senate President Bukola Saraki on account of her landing a role in a Disney film.

Emmanuella Endorsement Deals

Owing to her creativeness she has been able to secure for herself an endorsement deals from various companies in Nigeria. Her endorsement with “Dabo tooth paste and Fresh Yo drinks” are currently earning her millions of Naira from adverts and brand promotions.

Mark Angel Comedy:Emmanuella Biography, Age, Awards And Net Worth

Emmanuella Net Worth

Emmanuella is currently one of the richest and the most talented kids in Nigeria, she has earned herself a good fortune, she has an estimated net worth of $120,000 dollars

Emmanuella Personal Life

Emanuella is from Imo State, South eastern part of Nigeria. She was born in Port Harcourt in Rivers State. There have been controversies on her relationship with Angel, as it has been said in different circles that she is his niece and some say they are cousins.

Eze Chidinma of Buzz Nigeria in an article stated that Emmanuella is niece to Angel. Pulse Nigeria also stated that Angel is an uncle to Emmanuella. On the other hand, George Ibenegbu of stated that both are cousins. Rachael Odusanya in a later publication on stated that they are not related, And Dennison Igwe also claimed that he introduced Emmanuella to Mark Angel

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