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Ella Kennedy DavisNet Worth: Ella Kennedy Davis Plays Sydney Roy on The Girl From Plainville, Here Is What We Know About Her


Jan 29, 2024
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Meet The Child Actor From The Girl From Plainville, Ella Kennedy Davis. Explore her ethnicity, parents, family history, and plenty of trivia. 

Ella Kennedy Davis is currently popular because of her role as Sydney Roy in the 2022 TV series The Girl From Plainville.

Although not a regular face you see on screen. But still, you can spot her character on Blue Bloods (2017), Perry Mason (2020), & The Pet Squad Files (2015).

Further, she is also active in theatres and has appeared at the famed Playwrights Horizons Theatre in NYC as a lead in This Flat Earth (2018), Directed by Tony award-winner Rebecca Taichman.

Besides her work, let’s talk about her family and parents. So, follow along.

Ella Kennedy Davis Ethnicity

Ella Kennedy’s ethnicity seems White, but she has never confirmed which ethnicity she carries.

Based on her skin, appearance, and accent, the first guess seems correct, but, you never know.

On the other hand, her nationality is American, as she was born in Savannah, Georgia.

Who Are Ella Kennedy Parents?

Ella Kennedy Davis was born in Savannah, Georgia, to her anonymous parents. She has never unraveled the identity of her parents or her age.

However, she seems in her 20s and lives in New York and Los Angeles, California, from time to time.

Ella is definitely not an established face in the industry, and this defines why her details are not as abundant.

And since she is getting famous with every character she portrays, we can believe the problem will no longer exist in the upcoming days.

Ella Kennedy Davis Family History Explored

Unfortunately, not a single detail of her family is available at the time.

The actress has neither spoken nor mentioned her family members on her social media. Ella has been posting since 2019 on her Instagram, but no progress can be seen when it comes to familiarizing her parents and kins with her followers.

So, with the hope that she will one day share about them, we hereby say that the details of her family background are obscure.

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