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“Don’t judge people by what you heard about them” – Actor, Alesh says after encounter with Davido (Video)


Jan 29, 2024
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Nollywood actor Alesh has nothing but words of praise for Davido as he gets to meet the talented singer for the first time.

Alesh who couldn’t hold back the respect he has for Davido after the meeting advised people not to judge others by what they heard about them.

According to the actor, he was at a pub with his friends when Davido and his DMW crew pulled up and were looking for where to sit.

He said he wasn’t pleased when the singer and his entourage of 30BG came over to his table, as he clearly told them he was there before them and can’t vacate the table for them.

However, he said Peruzzi, a DMW signee told him that they weren’t asking him to vacate his table but to allow them share the table together since it was obvious the pub lacked space.

Alesh said he told Peruzzi he wasn’t against them sharing his table with him but they should please not “match” him as they were “too many”.

The actor said all the while he was frowning and giving them attitude, Davido heard and saw everything he did and said, yet, Davido still joked, laughed and played with him.

For this, Alesh said Davido just gained a new fan in him.

See video of Alesh speaking about Davido below:

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