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Where to buy the DGT label cheaper in 2021

Where to buy the DGT label cheaper in 2020!

According to the National Plan for Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere 2013-2016, particles such as nitrogen dioxide present in road traffic are the main source of pollution in large cities. For this reason, in recent years, large urban centers have been stricter with polluting emissions from vehicles and are applying increasingly stringent anti-pollution protocols. Madrid is a clear example, since last November 30, 2018, a low emissions zone called Madrid Central (now Madrid 360) has been active.
As a result of this national plan, the General Directorate of Traffic created four environmental labels (Eco, Zero emissions, C and B) with the aim of positively discriminating against the most environmentally-friendly vehicles. Initially, these labels were delivered to drivers by the DGT at no cost. However, we currently have to pay a small amount of money to acquire them.
Most people think that the current price of these badges is set by the DGT, but this is far from the truth. In fact, the truth is that environmental labels do not have any Traffic rate because the DGT does not trade with them. Therefore, contrary to what most people think, the DGT has nothing to do with its marketing price. According to official sources from the DGT, the amount that must be paid for the purchase of the labels is governed by the free play of supply and demand and depends on the institutions and organizations that market them.: post offices, workshops, managers, dealers, online platforms, etc. This explains why we find different prices in the market when buying labels.

Where are the cheapest labels sold?

Knowing that there is no single rate for DGT labels, these are the cheapest points of sale :


You can buy the label of your vehicle at the physical post office or through its online store. If you buy it in an office, the price of the label is 5 euros with VAT included. Of course, you will have to present the vehicle’s driving license and your National Identity Document (DNI). On the other hand, if you buy the label through the CoreOS online store, the price is still five euros, although to this figure you must add the shipping cost (2.99 euros) . In case of buying two or more labels, the postage is free.


Environmental badges can be found in all workshops associated with the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (CETRAA), thanks to the agreement reached between the DGT and CETRAA. Although the price may change depending on the province, as a general rule the labels cost five euros including VAT. To be able to buy yours, you must present your DNI and circulation permit at the workshop.


Nor auto workshops also sell DGT labels for five euros including VAT. To get yours, you must go to a nor auto workshop with your DNI and circulation permit.
The technological consultancy ANSIB Net Solutions enabled the Stickers-DGT online platform in collaboration with the Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO) and the DGT to facilitate the distribution of the labels. Accessing their website, you can buy the label of your car for 6.5 euros with VAT and shipping costs included.

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Through the website of the National Association of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Parts (GANVAM) you can also buy your environmental badge. If you access the website, you will find different prices depending on whether you are associated with GANVAM and the number of badges you buy, since it is a service focused on the provision of fleets.
• From 1 to 4 labels: 11 euros per unit (not associated) and 9 euros per unit (associated).
• From 5 to 9 labels: 10 euros per unit (not associated) and 8 euros per unit (associated).
• From 10 to 49 labels: 9 euros per unit (not associated) and 7 euros per unit (associated).
• More than 50 labels: 8 euros per unit (not associated) and 6 euros per unit (associated).


Through the website of the administrative agency of the European Automobile Commission (CEA) you can also buy the environmental badge of your car. If you are a CEA member, the label will cost you 7.80 euros, while if you are not a member, the price rises to 8.40 euros. It should be noted that the price includes home delivery. To acquire your label you just have to pay the fee, fill in a form and attach your ID and circulation permit.


Collegiate administrative managers also distribute environmental labels, so you can ask your manager for the label of your car. As for the price, it is not specified, because it depends on the manager.


An agreement between the Madrid Automobile Association (AMDA) and the Dealer best agency allows the acquisition of environmental labels in Madrid for a price of 6.65 euros (5.5 euros + VAT) . To request your label you must attach your scanned ID and circulation permit to the e-mail address [email protected] and pay the corresponding fee. The label will be sent to one of the official dealers associated with AMDA, where you can come to pick it up in just a few days. If you want to more information regarding automotive or buy a used car in Kenya have a look auto for trade.

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