Davido’s Mother Dr. Veronica Imade Adeleke Biography, Photos And Other Facts.

Dr. Veronica Imade Adeleke, was a Nigerian singer, Doctor, and a lecturer at backok university, above all Mother of a Nigerian Afro singer David Adeleke professionally kwon as Davido.

Dr. Veronica Imade Adeleke was born in 1963, and she died at the age of 39, then her husband was 40 years old, and his lovely son who she ever wanted to become a musician, David was just 17 years old when she passed away.

The musical career Davido enjoyed today, the foundation was laid by his mother, Davido’s Mother so much loved music that she had a musical band company which she named after Davido, “David’s Band and Company”.

She passed out at age 39 a day after her husband’s 40th birthday when Davido was just seventeen years.


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