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Cost Of Over Head Water Tank Stand In Nigeria 2023


Jan 29, 2024
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Cost Of Over Head Water Tank Stand In Nigeria

The360report brings you the total estimated cost of buying water tank stand in Nigeria. responding to my earlier post, “COST OF BUYING ORIGINAL WATER STORAGE TANK IN NIGERIA“, a lot of messages has been coming to my email requesting to know the cost of water tank stand in Nigeria. So with a lost of research and information gathered, i decided to compile this post for the reading public.

Cost Of Over Head Water Tank Stand In Nigeria

On this post, you will be given a useful guides on getting an affordable and original water stand in Nigeria.

Telling you an actual amount of getting a water tank stand without considering the facts which will be discuss below, will make information on this post a hoax one, because water tank stand can’t be sold with the same price everywhere in Nigeria. there are many factors that influence the cost of water tank stand in Nigeria, they are; Location, Size and Season.


Location is a very important factors that usually affect the cost of building in Nigeria, Precisely the cost of water tank stand. When i say location i mean different cities of Nigeria. Water tank sold in Benin for instance 50k can’t be sold in Lagos or Abuja for the same amount, that’s the major reason for referring to location as one of the factors.


Yes size of the water tank also, this was suppose to be the first point because sizes are the major reasons why the cost of water tank stand can’t be the same irrespective of the town and the city. there are some stand that can can only hold 1 water storage tank, while there are others that can hold up to 16 water storage tank at the same time. as regards this you won’t expect the two to be sold with the same amount.


This might look odd to you, season is a very important factor to consider while doing any type of construction work in Nigeria, As you and i already know, dollars rate are not stable, it will always be on it highest rate during festive season in Nigeria, leaving all goods/materials to be on the high side. so the season you are doing your work matters.

Haven’t discuss the above points, it is worthy of Note that a standard water tank is between the range of 60k to 200k as of the time of this post. However, the size, location and time still matters.

I will advice you to please meet an experienced welder who can handle the job very well and before you go on to make any payment, it must not be an online payment, except when you been referred by a verified source and you must compare price to avoid being cheated or being dupe.

Finally if you are a welder or a plumber and you want us to place your business location and contacts on this page or a separate page like this, so as to reach out to million of internet users out there you can contact +2348114958825 on whats app our prices are encouraging.

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