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Coronavirus:Using Africans For COVID-19 Vaccine Test Is A Racist Attack On Africans_Agina Gideon Reacts.



The Owner of Soulwrite Empire, Agina Gideon has expressed his disgruntlement by angrily hitting back at “the racist and contemptuous” calls made by two French Professors on television, calling for the tests of the potential coronavirus vaccine to be carried out in the Africa Continent.

Currently, there are ongoing studies by scientists on the possibility of using the BCG vaccine, a vaccine which has previously been used for tuberculosis, as a possible preventive vaccine for the COVID-19.

Professor Jean-Paul Mira, head of the intensive care unit at the Cochin Hospital in Paris, asked on French television. “If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we do this study in Africa where there are no masks, no treatment, no resuscitation?”.

“The same as for some AIDS studies where prostitutes try things because we know they are unprotected. You are right. We are currently thinking in parallel about a study in Africa to make this same type of approach with the BCG,”

“There is a tender process that has gone out or is going to go out. We will seriously think about that. That doesn’t prevent us from thinking in parallel about a study in Europe and Australia,” Professor Camille Locht replied.

A furious Gideon lashed out by calling the two professors: “Sons of a whorish bitch,”

Agina Gideon went further to state:

It is inconceivable that we our so called leaders sit down and continue to accept this”, I am a black man and not a lab rat and same goes to Africa as a whole. Our leaders have shamed us by not stepping up at this time to kick against this racial attempt on Africans.

All African leaders have the responsibility to protect their people from these heinous plots. The angry CEO stated.

Vaccines have to go through rigorous testing and development stages before they can be accepted to go into use. AFRICA IS NOT A LABORATORY.

It’s high time our leaders stood up and handle their responsibilities otherwise we’ll show them the way to the land of our ancestors. Agina Gideon stated.