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Coronavirus: US Coronavirus cases rise to 738,923 with over 39,000 fatalities.



Coronavirus Cases hit hard on U.S. as the total number jump to 738,923.

United States of America continue to lead as the country with the highest Coronavirus Confirmed cases in the world, U.S has a total of 738,923 Confirmed cases.

The total number of deaths in the country also jump to 39,015 making them the country with the highest fatality rate amid Coronavirus.

However, With the relentless efforts of the government and the esteem citizens, they have a total of 68,285 recovered cases.

With the total number of Confirm cases compared with the total number of recoverd cases and the total number of deaths it’s clear that U.S is at risk of loosing more citizens.

Please stay at home and stay safe, your safety means something big to us, ensure you obey all government order.

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