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CONCERNED CITIZENS OF ABIA (CCA) : Why Is Hon. Ossy Prestige’s Death Covered By Family And Aba Left Without Representation?


Jan 29, 2024
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  • Why Is Hon. Ossy Prestige’s Death Covered By Family And Aba Left Without Representation?

Concerned Citizens of Abia (CCA) has noticed with great dismay, the cruel and criminal plans of the Prestige’s family and APGA to continue feeding on the constituency funds meant for the developing of Aba by covering the death of their son and member, representing Aba North and South federal constituency at the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Ossy Prestige for over six (6) weeks.

We, (CCA) have in our disposal relevant information about the death of Hon. Ossy Prestige in faraway German Hospital, sometime in November after battling with a strange illness for months.

It marvels us to the length that some people has sold their souls to the devil, to comfortably enrich themselves with funds meant for the public is immoral but going to the extent of covering a man’s death for over six weeks is evil that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A constituency as important as Aba North and South that generates the highest IGR for Abia State has over the years neglected by the state government and the little hope the people had for federal intervention, is been taken away by evil cabals who has withhold the constituency funds and the news of the death of Rep. Ossy in order to enrich self, God forbid.

Who did these to Ndi Aba?

Is Aba now an Orphan that no voice is speaking against the evil conspiracy?

CCA says NO to this level of high handedness and negligent by the families of Hon. Ossy Prestige and APGA who has refused to announce the demise of Rep. Ossy in order to continue diverting constituency funds to their personal purse.

We dare the family of Hon. Prestige to speak up and debunk the information of his death in a hospital in Germany if they claimed that the information is false.

It is particularly shocking that relevant authorities and individuals both at the National and State that we expected to speak up for the people have all kept mute to this ugly situation.

CCA calls on the leadership of the National Assembly, particularly the House of Representatives to come to the rescue of Aba North and South Federal Constituency by mandating the family of Hon. Ossy Prestige to publicly response to our assertions with evidence or declare his seat vacant for a proper representation.

CCA will like to also use this opportunity to call on governments at all levels, INEC and Security Agencies to immediately wade into action to prevent the people from revolting which might possibly lead to another phase of #EndSars.

John-Bull Kamalu
National PRO

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