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“Christians Have Saturday And Sunday As Weekends, and We Have Nothing” – Islamic Scholars



“Christians Have Saturday And Sunday As Weekends, and We Have Nothing” – Islamic Scholars

Some Islamic scholars have said that they support the suggestions of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Muhammad Tanko, who called for the ammendment of relevant sections of the constitution to accommodate the Shari’ah Law.

A former executive of the Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria, Professor Dawud Noibi, who is also retired said that since the section 37 of the 1999 constitution guarantees the freedom of religion both in belief and in practice, and since the whole life of a Muslim is governed by the laws of his religion, then it is the duty of the nation to provide for a judicial system wherebyvthe relevant laws are interpreted correctly and disputes among adherents arising from such laws are resolved peacefully.

He also said that there were provisions for the establishment of Shari’ah Courts anywhere in the country where it is needed to cater for the needs of Muslim citizens.

“In what way is the improvement of the application of the Shari’ah for Muslims in Nigeria offensive to non-Muslims? And in what way does it constitute a violation of the provision of Section 10 of the constitution which prohibits the adoption of a state religion by the State?

“Let them bear in mind that Muslims are aware of the fact the Saturday- Sunday weekend imposed on all of us by our Christian colonizers satisfies the religious needs of only Nigerian Christian’s. Yet, Muslims are not complaining. So, let non-Muslim citizens of Nigerian cultivate the spirit of “Live and let live”.

He urged the National Assembly to take quick action on the suggestion by the Chief Justice of Nigeria to strengthen Sharia law and do the needful.

Nigerians have however reacted to his statements, and warned that Nigeria doesn’t need any remarks that would end up dividing the nation more that it is now.