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Jubilation In China: Over 70,000 Chinese Recover From Coronavirus



The People’s Republic of China now has the highest number of recoveries from the Coronavirus infection, totaling 74,588.

China has a record of 81, 340 covid-19 cases, latest figures posted by Worldometer revealed this on Friday.

Meanwhile, Italy has 10,950 recoveries out of 84498 Covid-19 cases in the country while 2447 Americans have recovered out of 93,881 case, according to Worldometer figures.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had said that China’s recovery from Coronavirus pandemic, provides hope for the entire world.

The U.S President, Donald Trump also said he was keeping in touch with China’s leader, as his country continues to battle the pandemic.

Please stay safe Coronavirus is real your safety is our concern, always watch your hand and obey government order.