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COVID_19:China Ban The Consumption Of Cats, Earthworm, Dogs And Many Other Pets As A Measure To Curtail Coronavirus In The Country.



Shenzhen, a city in southeastern China, has become the first city in the country to ban the consumption of pets, such as cats and dogs, CNN has reported.

The law is expected to take from effect May 1.

Shenzhen authorities announced this week that from then on, it will be prohibited to eat state-protected wild animals and other terrestrial wild animals, as well as captive-bred and farmed terrestrial wild species, CNN said.

Animals that can be consumed will include pig, cattle, sheep, donkey, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, as well as aquatic animals which are not banned by other laws or regulations.

“If convicted, they will be subjected to a fine of 30 times of the wild animal’s value, if the animal is above the value of 10,000CNY [$1400],” CNN reported, quoting Chinese authorities.

There is a suspicion among some scientists that the COVID-19 currently ravaging the world originated from the consumption of wild animals. While it is unclear which animal transferred the virus to humans, bats, snakes and pangolins have all been suggested.

Please stay at home and stay safe Coronavirus is real.

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