Characteristics of a good text book

What makes a good textbook?

Textbooks must have good quality pages and the content should be easy on the eyes. Binding: Textbooks must have permanent binding that makes them easy to open. Good quality binding also ensures that the book lasts for a long period of time. Loosely bound textbooks will discourage the students from studying them.

What are the characteristics of good text book of political science?

3) It should contain fluent narration. 4) Textbook should have a clear and self explanatory arrangement. 5) It should open up various avenues of thought and study. 6) The language of the text book should be suitable for the “reading age” of the pupils.

What are the characteristics of a book?

The following traits must be present for a work to be considered a novel:

  • Written in prose, as opposed to verse.
  • Of considerable length/word count.
  • Fictional content.
  • Individualism, both on the page and for the intended audience.

How do you evaluate a text?

Some General Criteria for Evaluating Texts

  1. What is the author’s aim?
  2. To what extent has this aim been achieved?
  3. What does this text add to the body of knowledge? This could be in terms of theory, data and/or practical application.
  4. What relationship does it bear to other works in the field?
  5. What is missing/not stated?
  6. Is this a problem?

What are the stages of textbook evaluation?

There are generally three different stages at which a textbook can be evaluated: pre-use, whilst-in-use and after-use. As suggested by McGrath (2002), each stage of evaluation bears its own significance.

Why do you need to evaluate a text?

When students evaluate information, they confirm, extend, or change their personal views based on the topic of the reading. It is important for students to explain when they do not agree with information in a text (Literacy Online, 2010).

What does evaluate a text mean?

Evaluating is a reading strategy that is conducted during and after reading. This involves encouraging the reader to form opinions, make judgments, and develop ideas from reading.

How do you evaluate a well written text?

For a text to be wellwritten, one must keep in mind these four properties: (1) Organization; (2) Coherence; (3) Mechanics; and (4) Language Use. For example, it’s a bore, and sometimes also irritating to see a word so often in reading a paragraph.

What do we look for when evaluating texts?

Authors have a reason to write and they choose a particular form of writing to best convey their ideas to an audience. To analyze and evaluate a text, readers must consider why the author wrote the text in the first place and why he or she decided, for example, to write a newspaper article instead of a flyer.

Characteristics of a good text book

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