Car airbag: how it works and when it activates

Car Airbag is an indispensable safety system that cars are equipped with, with a particular operation that is activated only in certain conditions

The car airbag is a safety device installed on the latest generation cars . This is usually placed in the steering wheel, in the passenger side dashboard and sometimes in some models also on the side and in the seats. The aim is to ensure protection for those present in the event of a serious traffic accident.

Car airbag: how it works

The airbag is a kind of air balloon that is inflated instantly when the car has a violent accident . At that moment a small explosion is generated which releases a compressed gas which immediately inflates the balloon. Once popped out this is able to protect the head and more delicate parts of the body. It does not replace seat belts but integrates safety in the passenger compartment.

Cost and speed

On average, a pillow takes between thirty and fifty thousandths of a second to be inflated. Each airbag in the car can only be used once. In the event of an accident and spillage, it cannot be stored inside, so it must be replaced by an expert. The cost for the replacement varies between 200 and 1000 dollars depending on the position and size.

The hybrid airbags of the last generation are faster than with the outbreak. They are designed to open especially in doors and between occupants and prompt intervention is required.

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Where are they located

Modern cars are all equipped with airbags, especially located in the front . Some are activated automatically, others are able to read through a sensor the presence in the passenger compartment of other guests besides the driver, activating only if necessary. They are also sometimes found on the side of the car and between the seats to separate individuals from each other. For each type, adequate precautions must be taken to avoid problems.

When it activates

The airbag is for each car of different shape and size but is always activated when a violent impact is generated. The system is in fact equipped with a sensor, this is able to immediately detect the impact.

The internal control unit then sends the ignition command to the detonator which allows the explosive capsule to generate the necessary gas (nitrogen) to fill the airbag and make it jump out. Some models work with a double gas combination.

The balloon that comes out is still soft and has side holes. After the impact, the airbag deflates to allow free passage and not jam the passengers.


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