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Camila Homs Wikipedia Edad: Who Is Her Padre?


Jan 29, 2024
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Homs and Paul started dating over 11 years ago when he was still in the bottom race. You didn’t think twice about joining the footballer in his exploration of the ancient continent once he became an Avellaneda player. Valencia was the first stop, where the player performed poorly.

After that, the Udinese football player in Italy gave a full performance. There, he discovered job security and stayed for five years. Then, although they were not married, they decided to have children together.

Camila and Rodrigo with their daughter and baby bump into nature. (Source: Instagram)

The couple now has a son and daughter, Bautista, and Francesca. De Paul lifted the Copa America with Lionel Messi and the team five days later when their second child arrived.

Although they decided to break up if we look inside Camila’s Insta, she hasn’t deleted the photos with her ex-partner. Most of her shared pictures on Insta are with him, and they go back to the days when they started dating and were in high school or college.

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