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“Burna Boy is still an idiot, Davido knows my issue with him” – Singer Dencia rants


Sep 28, 2023

American-Cameroonian singer Dencia has unleashed an attack on Nigerian superstars, Burna Boy, Davido and Yemi Alade as she shares her thoughts about them in a new post.

Dencia some hours ago took to social media to attack the Nigerian singers, as she talked about how her issues with Burna, Yemi Alade and Davido.

According to Dencia, her issue with the superstars would not stop her from wishing them well while working on the “Coming To America 2” movie or any other project.

However, her beef with Burna Boy seems to be on top of the list as she noted that the Grammy Award nominee is still an idiot,

In her words;

”Africans are so blinded by idiot fame and will support any bullshit. I’ll say this again, cuz Yemi alade tried me a few years ago & I talk shit sometimes doesn’t mean I can’t think she should be in a movie & get paid. Davido knows my issue with him, burna is still an idiot.

But it doesn’t change the fact that they all deserve to be in a movie and get paid paid. Africans keep getting the crumbs & it should stop.I’ll never fuck over any1 or talk about any1 unless they came 4 me 1st & even if it’s 50yrs ago it’s still FUCK U.

I’m not here dragging fame or anything with broke & broker from brokeville, I’m on my corner tryna get my money UP.Y’all swear people are after clout or fame, y’all talking can’t add 1cent 2 my life. Infact u can’t as much as contribute 2 take care of my dog monthly.”

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