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Bobrisky fulfills his promise, flies less privileged grandma and her son to his Lagos house


Jan 29, 2024
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Controversial cross-dresser Bobrisky has once again shown the social media world how far he’s willing to go in his philanthropist job as he receives the less privileged grandma and her son in his house.

It would be recalled that the old grandma caught the eye of Bobrisky some days ago.whem she professed her undying love for Bobrisky but carrying a placard with an inscription that shows she loves Bobrisky.

Bobrisky who has been given out cash to fans getting a tattoo of his face and name on their body promised to fly the aged woman to his house and he has done so.

The controversial cross-dresser in a new post gave shared video of the aged woman and her son in his house.

The aged granny and her grandson recently arrived at Bobrisky’s residence and he treated them nicely.

Bobrisky made fresh vows to completely lift them out of poverty and fans will be eager to see him perform his magic.

He wrote on his official Instagram account:

Yaaaaaay @goodluck155553 and his grandma are in Lagos. My house precisely! They need to rest I will update you guys tomorrow. One thing I know for sure is God has sent them to their helper. I repeat they should say good bye to POVERTY from today on.

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