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Blogger Linda Ikeji silence a follower who tried to troll her by using her skin


Jan 29, 2024
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Popular Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur Linda Ikeji has been forced to silence a fan who tried to troll her on social media.

Social media has become a scary place for top personalities in the entertainment industry as they’ve been targeted by some fans who derive joy in shading them.

Some celebrities have ended up leaving social media for these so-called fans while some have stood their ground.

Linda Ikeji has now joined the list of top personalities to silence a fan.

The drama started when the fans commented on a beautiful picture of Linda Ikeji which caught the attention of many fans.

However, a fan noted that Linda Ikeji is rich and should not have any rashes on her body.

Linda Ikeji who is not ready for such on her page replied to the fans by stating that it’s a stretch mark and she does not care about what the fans think about it.

See her conversation with the fans below;

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