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Bad Boy Timz Dumps His Record Label [Anonymous Music]


Jan 29, 2024
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Recall, Bad Boy Timzwas arrested in Abuja for allegedly defrauding his record label and some show organizers.READ HERE

You would also recall, how he appreciated Davido for facilitating his release 2 days ago.

This morning, Bad Boy Timz took to his Instagram page to announce that he has left his record label and he has filed a #200 million lawsuit for defamation of character. According to the documents released by his solicitor, Segun Ojo & Co, Bad Boy Timz’s contract with his record label has expired and his departure is purely contractual and civil.

He also disclosed that the management at first demanded #160 million as payments for expenses and returns of Bad Boy Timz’ s contract. Bad Boy Timz rejected the claim and did a revaluation of the amount they spent on him. With the help of his father, Bad Boy Timz came up with a total of #14 million as expenses and returns that the label is entitled to.

However, the record label rejected the amount and forced Bad boy Timz to top the previous amount he quoted to them. Bad Boy Timz also demanded the Label record get an external auditor to revaluate the company’s entitled expenses and returns.

The external auditor demanded the sum of #2 million as his fee for the revaluation and the parties involved agreed to spilt the fee 50-50. The record label failed to get back to Bad Boy Timz in regards to the external auditor findings but went ahead to pay the Police to unlawfully arrest Bad Boy Timz in Abuja. They also made a video of the arrest to embarrass and disgrace Bad Boy Timz on social media.

According to a man identified as  Mr. Temple Egenasi, he confessed that he was tipped to make and post the video of Bad Boy Timz’s arrest. Though Mr. Temple has apologized to Bad Boy Timz, BadBoy Timz’s solicitor is suing Anonymous music for defamation of Bad boy Timz’s character.

Below are their demands

We Therefore Write to demand that you take the following steps within 7 days from the receipt of this letter:

1. A letter from the company jointly signed by Messers. Temple Egemasi and Precious Egemasi to our client containing a suitable apology for the publication of the offensive video

2. The said letter to be published in three (3) different national newspapers.

3. Payment of the sum of #200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million Naira) as damages for the publication of the offensive video and/or any future allegation or action capable of defaming the character of our Client.

Please take notice that in the event of your failure to accede to the above demands against the company and the Egemasis’ which is estimated at about #900,000,000.00. This will be without further recourse to you. We trust that you will not make the legal action necessary.


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