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AY Net Worth And Biography 2023.



AY Biography: BornAyodeji Richard Makun, professionally known as A.Y, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, producer and director. AY net worth is estimated at $7 million dollars.

He is currently the host of the AY live shows and AY comedy skits.

AY Net Worth And Biography

His first appearance in movie was 30 Days in Atlanta, The Movie was produced by him and directed by Robert O. Peters. He was made a U.N Peace Ambassador in 2009 after winning six awards in 2008. He is the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment Nigeria.

AY Net Worth And Biography

A.Y Comedian has so far make himself a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, leaving his fans searching the internet to know more about his career and personal life and net worth.

AY Comedian Profile

  • Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun
  • Known As: A.Y COMEDIAN
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Occupation: Actor, Comedian and a Producer
  • Marriage: married and blessed with children
  • Ay Net Worth: $7 million Dollar
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Ethnicity: Hausa
  • Education:N/A
  • Horoscope:N/A
  • Father’s Name: Updating Soon
  • Mother’s Name: Updating Soon
  • Siblings: Updating Soon
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Shoe Size :N/A
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Body Measurement: N/A
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Blessed with Children
  • Salary: Updating Soon
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

AY Makun Biography

Ayodeji Richard Makun, also known by his stage name A.Y, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, producer and director.

AY was Born on 19th of August 1971, He is currently 41 years old, A.Y hails from Ifon, Ose local government in Ondo State.

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AY Net Worth And Biography

A.Y Completed his primary and secondary education in Ondo State Nigeria, after which he proceeded to Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria, where he graduated with a degree in theatre arts, in 2003 after spending a total of Nine Years at the University.

A.Y won many awards such as the most fashionable student on campus (1999 and 2000); best show-biz promoter (2001); the most celebrated student on campus (2001) and the Jaycee Club socio-personality award (2003).


Ayo Makun came into spotlight after being Alibaba Akporobome’s personal assistant and event manager. A.Y also wrote going “A.Y wire” as a guest columnist in The Sun (Nigeria) and Gbenga Adeyinka’s “Laugh Mattaz”

AY Net Worth

Ayo Makun directs and acts in one of Nigeria’s popular sitcom, AY’s crib with Alex Ekubo, Venita Akpofure, Buchi Franklin and Justice Nuagbe.

He also hosts one of Africa’s largest comedy shows, AY Live featuring comedians like Bovi, Helen Paul and many other comedians. 

AY Net Worth And Biography

Ayo Makun is also the C.E.O of Corporate World entertainment, Nigeria. He also owns a club house. As a part of his career achievement, he has influenced upcoming comedians through his AY “Open Mic Challenge”.

Personal life

AY Net Worth And Biography
A.Y and His Wife

Ayo Makun is the oldest male child from a family of seven, he is currently married to his wife and the union is blessed with children.

A.Y Makun Awards And Recognition

  • Comedian of the year: Diamond Awards for Comedy
  • Comedian of the year: Teens Favorite
  • Comedian of the year: MBG Abuja Merit Awards
  • Comedian of the year: National Daily Awards
  • Comedian of the year: Arsenal Award for Excellence
  • Comedian of the year: Mode Men of the year Awards
  • U.N Peace Ambassador
  • Comedian of the year: Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • Most creative Entrepreneur of the year, (comedy category) :C.E.A.N
  • Best Event A.Y Live : NELAS Awards 2018, United Kingdom
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AY Makun Net Worth

A.Y Makun is currently one of the richest and the most influential comedian in the Nigerian Comic Industry, With an Estimated Net worth of $7 million dollars

Thank you very much for reading AY Net Worth And Biography to the end, we are looking forward to seeing you read our other articles again.

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Wilder World (WILD) Current Price, Market Cap, And How To Buy Wilder World (WILD)




Wilder World (WILD) Current Price, Market Cap, And How To Buy Wilder World (WILD): Wilder World is an immersive 5D Metaverse built on top of Ethereum. It features a fully functional Metaverse market that allows users to purchase a variety of items such as cars, sneakers, buildings, and much more.

Wilder World aims to be the first truly liquid, decentralized, and community led NFT marektplace. WILD is the native token to the Wilder World ecosystem and is used to interact with their marketplace and govern the Wilder DAO.

Wilder World announced yesterday that Chad Knight, the former head of 3D design at Nike, join the Wilder World team as head of Cyberwear. It’s clear that the recent news got the market excited as Wilder World price went up over 20%, currently trading at $6.31.

WILD has a total supply of 500 million, with a circulating supply of 76.3 million. You can purchase WILD on KuCoin, Uniswap,, and a few other smaller exchanges.

At the time of writing, WILD’s market cap is at $467 million.

WILD Price Live Data

The live Wilder World price as of this writing was $6.37 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $29,649,322 USD.  Wilder World has a current CoinMarketCap ranking @ #249, with a live market cap of $469,171,340 USD. It has a circulating supply of 73,683,300 WILD coins and a max. supply of 500,000,000 WILD coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Wilder World, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Wilder World stock are currently KuCoin, Bitget,, ZT, and Uniswap (V3).

WILD is the native token of Wilder World and serves as the governance token for the Wilder DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). These tokens will be used as voting mechanisms for Wilder stakeholders, as well as to incentivize the expansion of the Wilder Metaverse; from new protocols and services to the development of fully virtual people, places, and things.

Here are some other articles that you may be interested in:

How  To Buy Wilder World (WILD).

With the recent hike in the price of Wilder World (WILD), there has been a high demand from potential investors who wish to buy and own Wilder World (WILD), A lot of crypto investors are online trying to get the right information on how to how & where to get their Wilder World (WILD) as well as storing them in a secured wallet. According to data gathered from CoinMarketCap and many other crypto websites, It’s clear that Algorand is not available on many on many Crypto-Exchanges but as of the time of this writing Wilder World (WILD) is available on Binance, Mandala Exchange, OKEx, FTX, and Huobi Global.

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NOTE THAT: Wilder World (WILD) cannot be directly purchased with fiats currency. However, You can still easily buy this coin by first buying USDT or any major Crypto Currencies like BITCOIN from any fiat-to-crypto exchanges and then transfer to the exchange that offers to trade this coin, in this guide article we will walk you through in detail the steps to buy Wilder World (WILD).

Quick Steps

Register on Fiat_to_Crypto Exchange

Since you can’t buy Wilder World (WILD) directly with Fiat Currency, You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT, ETH). But in this case let’s consider USDT (USDT). You can perform this transaction on fiat-to-crypto exchanges, and you can decide to use any of them as they are widely adopted in the crypto world, They are rated among the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits in the world.

All you need to do, create account with them ( ensure you keep your password safely) after creating an account then move to the next step which is to buy USDT.

Buy USDT with fiat Currency

Once you finished with account creating and verification process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged higher fees when using cards but you will also make an instant purchase. While a bank transfer attract lower charges but slower purchases, Though it sometimes depends on the country of your residence, some countries will offer instant cash deposit with low fees.

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Transfer USDT to an Altcoin Exchange

After buying your USDT, it’s worthy of note that since Wilder World (WILD) is an altcoin that can’t be traded in all Crypto exchange, we need to transfer our USDT to an exchange that Wilder World (WILD) can be traded. Many exchanges has their own policies as some has restrictions to some countries, for example Binance does not allow investors from USA as customers. So you have to choose an exchange that suit your location and create an account with them before proceeding to the next steps.

PLEASE NOTE: It will always be advised to set up 2FA authentication as it adds extra security to your account.

Deposit USDT to Your Preferred exchange

Depends on the policies of the exchange you might be required to go through another verification process, this usually takes minimum 0f 30 minutes and a maximum of a day, After the whole verification process you are now good to go.

Since we are now transferring our previously bought USDT on Coinbase to this wallet, click on ‘Copy Address’ or right-click on the full address and click copy to grab this address to your clipboard. Now head back to Coinbase, go to Portfolio page and click on the USDT on your asset list, then click on ‘Send’ on the right.

Under the Recipient field, paste the wallet address from your clipboard, for security and accuracy reason, you should always check if both addresses are matching and Click ‘Send’ to proceed, you should receive a confirmation email instantly, click on the confirmation link in the email and your coins are on the way to your preferred exchange.

Now go to your exchange to confirm your USDT arrival, don’t worry if you haven’t seen your deposit almost immediately, It might be undergoing some network verification in the blockchain network and this should take a few minutes for your coins to arrive. Depending on the network traffic condition of the USDT network, during busy times it may take even longer.

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You should receive a confirmation notification from your exchange once your USDT has arrived. guess what? You are now finally ready to purchase your Wilder World (WILD)

 Trade Wilder World (WILD)

At this stage which is the final of your purchase, held to your exchanging platform, then go to ‘Exchange’. make sure “USDT” is selected to be able to trade USDT to altcoin pair of your choice, in this case Wilder World (WILD). You should see Wilder World (WILD)/USDT, select that pair and you should see a price chart of Wilder World (WILD)/USDT in the middle of the page. All you need to do is to execute your order and you are done getting your Wilder World (WILD).

Some Top Exchanges You Might Love Base On Your Location


BitMart – Is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform which provides real-time trading services including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other Altcoins. It accept American customers unlike BINANCE that doesn’t  support American customers.


Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which was started in China but then moved their headquarters to the crypto-friendly Island of Malta in the EU. Binance is popular for its crypto to crypto exchange services.
gateio-landing is an American cryptocurrency exchange that launched 2017. As the exchange is American, US-investors can of course trade here.

The Last Part And Conclusion.

After Purchasing your Wilder World (WILD), and your plan is to hold it for long. You will have to open a secure wallet online or you make use of appropriate “Cold Wallet” as there had been too many hacking incidents associated with online and funds had lost severally.

Thank you for your time, note that this page is open for update and corrections. Please Note That, buying of crypto currencies is at your own risk, all our post is for education purpose and it’s advisable that you buy according to the dollars you can afford to lose.

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Entertainment/Net Worth

30 Interesting facts about the great Benin Kingdom




What is the oldest surviving kingdom in the world? Would you be surprised if I tell you that it is the Great Benin Kingdom? Yea that’s right, the oldest surviving kingdom in the World is Great Benin Kingdom and it is 2054 years Old. The Great Benin Kingdom is arguably Nigeria’s greatest empire.

Great Oba of Benin kingdom

In this post, we will be revealing 30 amazing facts you never knew about the Great Benin Kingdom. The Ogiso dynasty lasted for about 854 years plus an interregnum of 285 years between the reign of Ogiso Orire and Ogiso Odia. There was an interregnum of 70 years between Ogiso Owodo and Oba Oranmiyan plus 845 years of Oba ruler-ship till date
Below are 30 amazing facts about the Great Benin Kingdom:

Oba of Benin kingdom

1. The first storey building in Nigeria was built at Ughoton by the Dutch in the year 1718, and it was called “The Factory”. The said building was destroyed by the British during the war against the Benins in 1897. However, the site of the building is still intact. There is a controversy surrounding this fact as there is a different record suggesting that the first storey building in Nigeria is a building which is still standing and was built by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1845. However its foundation was laid in 1842. Also, the Hausas in Northern Nigeria claim they had built some storey buildings before Reverend Henry Townsend’s building was erected.

2. The Oldest Church in West-Africa was established in Great Benin Empire by the Earliest Portuguese missionaries in the 16th Century which is today known as the Holy Aruosa (Benin National Church). Pope Pius XII visited Benin and handed the church to the Oba of Benin, Oba Oreoghene in 1692AD.

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3. The first Known Embassy Established in Nigeria was in Benin during the reign of Oba Esigie in the 16th centuryThe Oldest known letter written in Nigeria was by Duarte Pires instructed by Oba Esigie which was addressed to King John II, on the 20th October, 1516AD. The second oldest letter was written by Anthonio Domingo (Great-grand Son of Oba Olua) to the Pope to seek for missionary assistance in other to spread Christianity in Benin Empire in 1652AD.


5. Oba Orhogbua founded Lagos and planted a dukedom, the Obaship of Lagos (Eko).

6. Oldest ever recorded market in Africa is Ogiso (Agbado) Market dated 60BCE.

7. The first ever recorded bank (Owigho) in present day West-Africa was built in Benin kingdom by Oba Eresoyen, construction started in the year 1740AD and was completed in the year 1743AD.

8. Queen Idia was the first Oba’s mother to be alive to see her son becoming an Oba. That’s because traditionally, crowned prince mothers were previously killed before their sons ascend the throne. Queen Idia was the mother of Esigie, the Oba of Benin who ruled from 1504 to 1550. She played a very significant role in the rise and reign of her son. She has been described as a great warrior who fought relentlessly before and during her son’s reign as the Oba of the Edo people

9. Ga tribe of present day Ghana migrated from Benin during Oba Udagbedo reign (1299-1334)

10. Oduduwa was the exiled crowned prince from Benin known as Ekaladerhan, which is being purported as the progenitor of the Yoruba race.


Face of the great queen

11. The monarch of Warri kingdom is an off shoot of the royal house of Benin kingdom founded by prince Iginuwa the Son of Oba Olua in the 15th century.

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12. The Osemawe of Ondo was corrupted from Osemwughe, the Benin warrior who deserted Udo town, when there was war between Benin City and Udo town.

13. The word Ondo was corrupted from the town “Emwan N’Udo” (people of Udo town) 14. The world most famous mask Queen Idia mask was the face of FESTAC 77’ held in Lagos.

15. The word Benin was corrupted from Ubini by the Portuguese explorer meaning “a place of heavenly pageantry and prosperity”

Oba of Benin kingdom

16. Oba Esigie is the first King in Africa to be baptized in the year 1504AD in Benin.

17. The King of Benin can in a single day make 20,000 men ready for war, and, if need be, 180,000, and because of this he has great influence among all the surrounding peoples’ … His authority stretches over many cities, towns and villages. There is no King thereabouts who, in the possession of so many beautiful cities and towns, in his capital – Olfert Dapper, description of Africa, 1668.

18. According to the Guinness Book of Records (1974 edition), the walls of Benin City and its surrounding kingdom was the world’s largest earthworks carried out prior to the mechanical era.According to estimates by the New Scientists Fred pearce, Benin City’s walls were at one point “four times longer than the great wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops”

19. The face of queen Idia is the most popular mask in the world

20. Benin City is surrounded by massive walls dug by Oba Oguola in 13th century and Oba Ewuare I in the 15th century.

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21. Great Wall of Benin extended for some 16,000km in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They covered 6, 500sq km and were all dug by the Edo people.

The great wall of Benin

22. The Great wall of Benin took an estimated 150million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.

23. Benin City is the first City to have a semblance of street lighting in the world.

24. The Portuguese were the people who called our land “Great City of Benin” because they were astonished with what they saw that the Edo people achieved centuries before any major cities in the world.

25. 1n 1691, the Portuguese ship captain Lourenco Pinto observed: “Great Benin, where the king resides, is larger than Lisbon; all the streets run straight and as far as the eyes can see.

26. The Binis are the best bronze casters (Igun – eronmwon) in the world.

Igun Eronmwon

27. Two kings were installed without a crown, Ogiso Igodo (40BC-16AD) and Oba Oranmiyan (Odolorre) 1170-1200AD.

28. Great Benin is known as the cradle of Black civilization and the centre of the world (Edorisiagbon).

29. The Benins were the first to use sophisticated weapons (guns) to fight war(Idah war) in the present day Nigeria in about 501 years ago (August, 1516), the war was led by Oba Esigie mother (Queen Idia).

30 All Oba in Lagos (Eko) were buried in their ancestral home (Benin City) until late 19th century. To further lay credence to that, Oba Osemwende in 1834 instructed Idewu Ojulari, the Oba of Lagos to ‘zegbele’ (kill himself). The instruction was unexpectedly complied with. The Lagos Oba complied by taking poison.

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Regina Daniels Net Worth And Biography.




Regina Daniels Net Worth And Biography.

Regina Daniels Net Worth: Regina Daniels is a Nigeria teenage actress, film maker, entertainer and a wife to a billionaire businessman, Regina Daniels net worth is estimated at $3 million dollars. Regina is best known for her expertise in playing her role in a movie, she rose to fame in 2010.

Regina Daniels Net Worth

From humble beginnings, Regina Daniels has made it to the big league and become a Nollywood big shot. Especially, her recent marriage to a Nigerian Lawyer and a billionaire business mogul Ned Nwoko.

Regina Daniels Net Worth.

  • Full Name: Regina Daniels
  • Birth Date: 1998
  • Birth Place: Delta State
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Ethnicity: Deltan
  • Education: N/A
  • Horoscope: N/A
  • Father’s Name: Updating Soon
  • Mother’s Name: Updating Soon
  • Siblings: Updating Soon
  • Age: 22-Years-Old
  • Height: 1.95M
  • Weight: N/A
  • Shoe Size : N/A
  • Hair Color: Dark
  • Eye Color : Dark Brown
  • Body Measurement: N/A
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 1
  • Profession: Actress / Entrepreneur
  • Stats: Active
  • Net Worth: $3 million dollars
  • Salary: Updating Soon
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Regina Daniels Biography

Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress, She’s a Nigerian both by birth and by origin, Regina Daniels was born in 1998 to a Nigeria parents, her mother Rita Daniels is also a Nollywood actress.

Regina Daniels Net Worth

Regina Daniels completed her primary and secondary school education here in Nigeria, And obtains her first school leaving certificate and her West African Senior School Certificate respectively.

Regina Daniels Career

She started acting at the age of seven; her mother (Rita Daniels) is an actress. She got support from her mother and her siblings. Her first movie was Marriage of Sorrow which earned her 10,000 Naira. She featured in a Nollywood movie titled “Miracle Child” in 2010. With a career spanning over one and a half decade, Regina Daniels has over 200 movies to her credit.

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Regina Daniels biography

In January 2019 Daniels was appointed Atiku Abubakar’s Youth Campaign Coordinator. In February 2020 she launched a magazine named after her name, at a hotel in Abuja

Regina Daniels Marriage life

In April 2019, the internet was flooded with rumors that Regina Daniels was in some kind of romance with a certain billionaire lawyer, 39-40 years older than her. Before long, the identity of this wealthy individual was revealed as one Prince Ned Nwoko who owns a large London law firm. 

Regina Daniels Net Worth And Biography.

By May of 2019, speculations ran rife that the young actress was already married to the 59-year-old billionaire and by the 26th of May 2019, the internet went agog with photos of Regina performing the traditional marriage rites that fully initiated her into the traditional group for only married women in Anioma Community of Delta State. This event finally laid to rest the intense speculation surrounding the actress’s marital status, “The Young Actress Is Officially Married by Traditional Custom” went the consensus. 

Reina Daniels Movies

  • Dumebi in School
  • Python Girl
  • The Bat-Man
  • The Jericho
  • Plantain Girl
  • Jaja the Great
  • The Jericho (as producer)
  • Twins Apart (as producer)
  • Tears of Ojiugo
  • Wipe your Sorrows
  • Royal Covenant
  • Traditional War (Part 1)
  • Stronger Than the Gods
  • The King and The Python
  • Hanging Coffin
  • Evil messenger 1 and 2
  • Queen Rebeca

Regina Daniels age

Regina Daniels was born in 1998 and she’s currently 22 years old

Regina Daniels Net Worth

Regina Daniels is currently one of the richest and the most influential actress in Nigeria, With an estimated net worth of $3 million Dollars.

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