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Are the supernatural books by carver edlund real


Jan 29, 2024
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Who writes the Supernatural books in Supernatural?

Chuck Shurley

The Supernatural Books are prophecies in the form of a set of novels chronicling the lives and deeds of Sam and Dean Winchester, written by Chuck Shurley under the pseudonym of Carver Edlund.

Do the Supernatural books follow the show?


The Supernatural Novels has are a book series that fills in the gaps between episodes and answer questions the TV series did not answer, as well as providing information on the lore of the world of Supernatural.

Did Chuck always know he was God?

During Kripke’s time as show-runner it never happened and it was not going to since Kripki intended the show to only run for 5 seasons so that story line of Chuck being God never really went there, Chuck first appeared in 4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book and was only at that time a Prophet of God and remained …

Are the Supernatural books canon?

Canon refers to all the information arising from the original, or officially sanctions, material. In Supernatural, in addition to the TV Show, canon covers material in the: Official Site. … Supernatural novels: Nevermore, Witch’s Canyon among others.

Is there a spin off of Supernatural?

Supernatural: Bloodlines

Supernatural: The Animation


How many Impalas does Supernatural use?

There are eight impalas used on the show. The main (hero) car has a 502 Big Block 550 Horsepower Engine and is the only one with a factory air conditioner. The sound of the squeaking doors were chosen individually for the passenger side door as well as the driver side door by Supernatural sound supervisor Mike Lawshe.

How many books are in the supernatural book series?

17 book

Supernatural (17 book series) Kindle Edition.

Was Supernatural a comic book?

Publication history. Supernatural: Origins was first announced in an interview with TV Guide. The comic is written by series producer Peter Johnson and drawn by Matthew Dow Smith, although the first issue features a backup story by famed DC Comics writer Geoff Johns, with art by Phil Hester.

What book did Gary have in Supernatural?

Witchcraft Book

Witchcraft Book – The book that he and his coven used to practice witchcraft.

What kind of journal does John Winchester have?

Supernatural John Winchester’s Journal, Official Replica From Supernatural, Includes Faux Leather Journal With Official Diary Entries, Notes and Sketches, Biggerson’s Turducken Ad, Mystery Spot Brochure and 5 News Articles. Learn more about free returns.

What book inspired supernatural?

He cites Jack Kerouac and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” as influences on “Supernatural,” which depicts brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) driving cross-country in a 1967 Chevy Impala, blasting classic rock as they chase reports of paranormal occurrences.

Do Sam and Dean keep journals?

The Journal was originally purchased by Henry Winchester, John’s father, to use in documenting the knowledge he gained as one of the Men of Letters. It was delivered after he had disappeared (having traveled to 2013 and died unbeknownst to John). … Interestingly, Sam and Dean never start their own journals.

Is John really deceased on Supernatural?

Though he survives in the final version of the pilot, the writers decided halfway through production of the first season that John did have to die, as they believed his separation from his sons “split the show” by having him away “doing more interesting things than the boys are doing.” Kripke also felt that John kept …

What happened to John Winchesters Journal?

Background. The journal was originally ordered by Henry Winchester in anticipation of his initiation into the Men of Letters. However, the Men of Letters were massacred by the Knight of Hell Abaddon on the night of Henry’s initiation and Henry escaped through time to the year 2013.

Did John Winchester have a stepfather?

After Henry’s disappearance in 1958, John may have been raised by a step-father, grandfather, or uncle, referred to as his ‘old man’ in 1973. Millie Winchester (Deceased) – Wife of Henry Winchester and mother of John Winchester.

Why was John hiding from Sam and Dean?

During his hunting career, when Dean was around ten, John left him alone with Sam to hunt a shtriga and returned only just in time to drive the shtriga away. John was furious as Dean leaving his brother for a while out of boredom led to the situation and it took a long time for him to trust Dean again.

Did John Winchester love his sons?

He is the reason that they are in the family business of hunting things and saving people. While John wasn’t always the best father, he did try to do his best. He cared for his sons and willingly sacrificed himself to save them. Still, John remains a man of mystery – both in an intentional and unintentional way.

What happened Millie Winchester?

Millie herself ran a bed and breakfast in Maine, where she whittled wooden key holders for local children. Millie’s current whereabouts are unknown; she was last seen in 1989. She still has a warrant out for her due to “an outstanding jay walking ticket” yet unpaid.

Why is Sam Winchester special?

Sam’s supernatural abilities are the result of him being fed Azazel’s demon blood while he was an infant. Sam exhibits signs of precognition throughout the first season, manifesting as dreams of others’ deaths and later as visions.

Does Sam Winchester have a son?

Dean Winchester II is the son of Sam Winchester.

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