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Aliko Dangote is suing me for declining his silence money – Alleged ex-lover reveals


Jan 29, 2024
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Aliko Dangote’s alleged mistress Autumn Spike, has claimed she’s being sued $30k by the billionaire businessman for refusing the money he offered her to stay silence.

It would be recalled that Aliko Dangote’s name made headlines some months ago when he was called out by some ladies who claimed he had a secret affair with them.

Autumn was one of the ladies who shared some of the nice time they had with the businesses man.

She is the lady who shared a video of Dangote lying on a couch while they chilled in an apartment.

Autumn some hours ago took to social media to share an alleged public lawsuit filed by those she claimed was Dangote’s legal team.

The lady alleged that Dangote is suing her for something his ex-girlfriend, Bea Lewis did, while stating that she has never talked about them publicly.

She also claimed that she turned down interviews and talk shows while stating that she only wanted to clear her name after people called her an opportunist.

See what she shared on social media below:

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