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Akobe Net Worth, Biography And career .


Jan 29, 2024
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We brings you a notable Benin Actor, singer songwriter and a dedicated entertainer Akobe Net Worth And Biography, on this post we shall be discussing financial life of one of the richest and most influential Benin music singer Akobeghian the Umewaen of Africa.

Akobeghian Biography.

Born Wilson Ehigiator professionally known as Akobe or Akobeghian is a Nigerian actor, former MC, singer songwriter and a dedicated entertainer who has made name for himself via his acting career, He’s better known for Edo Decree 1440 (2018) and Anini (2005) and host of other’s comic episode in the Benin movie industry.

Akobe fondly refer to as Akobeghian was born in Edo State, Southern part of Nigeria predominated by the good people of Benin. He grew up partially with his parents in the village and later moved to the city to crave for a better life.

Akobe Net Worth And Biography

According to him in one of his music where he narrated his life story, when he initially get to the city, He has to live with a relative who his parents entrust can give Akobe a better life but reverse was the case, He has to hawk in morning before any other morning choir.

Akobe Music Career.

Akobe developed love and interest for music and decided to pursue a career in music, He started his music career as an Apprentice with his master, Akaba Man, who is Also a respected man in the Benin music industry.

Due to Akobeghian consistency, dedication and determination he soon become a master of his own, He came up with his first debut studio album which was well received by his fans Across the world, He amaze more popularity when release one of his highly anticipated single Titled Uwonogbeiyofen , A music which address haters and unfriendly friends who claims they love you but end up stabbing you at the back.

So far the music Oracle, Akobe has released over 5 music albums, over 50 single tracks and has sold out over 200,000 copies of his music work.

Akobe Acting career

Aside being a renowned music star, Akobe is also a star when it comes to acting movie, he’s known for his comic appearance and his comic lines in a movie, Ever since he debuted into the movie industry, he has featured in over 100 movies and still counting.

Akobe Net Worth And Biography

He talent has made him to stay relevant in the industry after Acting for about two decades, fans still crave to watch his movie. On this part of his entertainer career, He has won a number of highly anticipated awards and recognition for himself.

Akobe Awards And Recognition.

So far during the course of Akobe Music Career, He has make name for himself, as well as won numerous award and recognition. He has been recognize by the The Great Oba Of Benin, He has access to the Oba Palace.

He has also been recognized by Many chiefs, notable business mogul and top politicians in Edo State and Africa at large.

Akobe Net Worth.

Akobe is currently one of the richest and most influential singers in South South, Nigeria with a net worth of over $800,000 dollars.

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