6 ways to boost 4G network on your phone (Say Goodbye to Poor internet) 100% working

6 ways to boost 4G network on your phone (Say Goodbye to Poor internet) 100% working

1.Update your software

You know those messages you sometimes receive about updating your carrier software? Those updates are what tell your phone what towers to connect to. Ideally, you should always update, but if you haven’t recently, then you should check now whether you need to. Follow the applicable instructions for your Android or apple phone.


2.Turn off Seevices not in use

Services like WiFi, Bluetooth can most times cause problems by either trying to send your calls and data over a different service or allowing other devices to use up bandwidth that is needed for fast data or clear calls. Try disabling them on your phone and see if your signal.


3. Change your voice and data settings.

Sometimes the 4G LTE network that you’re on is overloaded and the 3G network, while technically slower, is actually a better option. If you’re on the 4G LTE network, try disabling it on your apple phone or Android phone (if supported), which will automatically switch you to the 3G network.


4. Turn airplane mode on and off

This will force your phone to reconnect to the cellular network. If you’re in an area that should have good signal but your phone doesn’t show it, try turning on and off Airplane mode to force the phone to reconnect.


5. Reset your network settings

This is a last resort of you still can’t get your phone to connect and other phones from the same carrier are working in your location.


6. Manually Resst your Network Operator.

This one only works for Android phones. Go to “Settings > Find Mobile Networks > Network operators”. It will re-scan for all the networks available in your area.

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