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5 Business Courses to Help You Improve Your Company


Jan 29, 2024
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Did you know that around 95% of people employed in the United States say that they would stay with a company that provides thorough training?

Most people leave jobs and are unsatisfied due to improper staffing and training, which puts them at a disadvantage.

If you want to improve your company and make staff feel more comfortable, you should consider signing them up for training courses.

Continue reading to discover some of the most beneficial business courses that you can use at your company!

  1. Essential Skills of Communicating

Did you know that there are virtual learning opportunities that will help improve communication in your team?

The Essential Skills of Communicating course can be completed online and doesn’t cost much money. Many people claim that supervisors, management, and lower-level staff can benefit from this course.

This course focuses on building trust and respect amongst the team to improve communication and make it more effective. It discusses having a communication strategy in place. This will also allow productivity and engagement will increase in the company.

During this lesson, your staff will learn about the levels and methods to communicate. Each person has a preferred method of communicating. This is important to understand when working with others.

  1. Resilience for Healthy & High Performance

If you are looking for online classes to support staff in and out of the office, you should consider the Resilience Course.

This resilience course lasts about 9 hours long and is packed with useful information. Your staff will appreciate this course because it helps them adapt, learn, and grow from stress. Stress and demands are something that every employee has to deal with in the workplace.

When people work at a high level, the demands and stress can catch up to them, impacting their performance and motivation. If you want employees who are engaged, energetic, and mentally strong, this course is recommended.

Resilience is a skill that people can develop when given the right information and tools. Many companies send staff who are in leadership roles to this training because it can help them pass information to other employees.

Your staff will appreciate attending this course because it gives them the tools to work efficiently and healthily. Many of the concepts taught in this course can also be relevant in personal lives as well.

  1. Financial Risk Management

One of the best business courses to take in the banking and financial world is the Financial Risk Management (FRM) course.

This FRM course is beneficial to people who work in banks, accounting firms, and insurance companies. Other companies that benefit from this include regulatory agencies and asset management firms.

In the course, you will gain a basic understanding of the foundations of risk management. This will be a great introduction to staff that is new to handling financial risks and will lay a good foundation for the rest of the course. After you have completed that phase, you will learn about quantitative analysis.

Other topics discussed and taught in this course are financial markets and products, along with valuation and risk models. As you develop an understanding of these concepts, you will learn credit and market risk information. Along with how to properly manage it within your company.

There are online courses for financial risk management that help accommodate the needs of all businesses. At the end of the course, there will be an examination that must be studied for.

  1. Sensitivity Training for Managers

If you have noticed areas of improvement in your company and issues with harassment, Sensitivity training might be a good idea.

Sensitivity Training for managers can be done online or on-site, depending on your preferences. The course lasts a couple of hours and is typically enjoyed by staff members. This training addresses common reasons for disrespect and harassing behavior that is often seen at work.

It is a good idea to have management take this course. That is because it reviews the legal side of these issues and how the company and staff can be held accountable for these poor behaviors. In this course, your managers will learn how to influence and change thoughts or behavior that aren’t acceptable.

Your staff will gain the tools and knowledge on how to handle uncomfortable situations, where most people feel nervous to address.

  1. Microsoft Office

There are Microsoft Office courses that you can enroll your staff in to help improve communication and organization.

Microsoft Office is one of the most used programs in the business world, so your staff must be knowledgeable about the platform. Accounting and administration can benefit from Excel courses and Outlook. This will give them more information about organizing information concisely and efficiently.

Another benefit of Microsoft training is that staff will feel confident with presentations. Many people struggle with Microsoft programs. Especially if they are older and didn’t get proper training during their education.

This type of training will help save time in the workplace and help employees produce professional work.

Try These Business Courses for Improvements

There are many business courses to consider when it comes to increasing knowledge in your staff.

Depending on the type of business that you run and the weaknesses in your company, you might be able to benefit from one or more of these courses. Many people recommend speaking with your staff to identify areas that they want to improve in and learn more about. This is a great way to get feedback and understand their needs.

Don’t be afraid to sign your staff up for business courses, as they can be completed in a virtual classroom or in person.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about online learning for businesses and how to improve your company! 

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