3 ways to add channels to your Roku

You can add channels on Roku via the device, the mobile app, or the Roku website.

Nearly every streaming service is available as a Roku channel everything from Netflix and HBO Max to CBS All Access and Peacock.The Roku Channel is one channel option that lets you access paid subscriptions as well as free content.

Over the years, streaming has become an easy way to enjoy all the entertainment you want without having to rely on a cable company. If you have a Roku device, you have access to many channel streaming options, including those available from traditional media, like live TV.

For those who are new to Roku, here’s what you need to know about adding Roku channels, and how to start watching them.

What are Roku channels?

Roku channels are, in effect, apps for streaming services and TV channels. There are free and paid channels available on Roku.

For example, you can get channels for all the major streaming services on Roku, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu, as well as other popular streaming services, like Peacock, ESPN, CBS All Access, and Apple TV Plus.

The Roku Channel is slightly different from other channels, however. And it acts as more of a bundling service, allowing you to subscribe to other streaming services, like Showtime, AMC, and Starz, and then stream their TV shows and movies through the Roku Channel. It also lets you stream free, ad-supported content as well as Roku Originals and live TV.

How to add channels to Roku

You can add channels to your Roku in three ways: via your Roku device, on the Roku mobile app, or using a web browser.

On your Roku:

1. Press the Homebutton on your Roku remote.

2. Choose Streaming Channels.

3. Select a channel to add via the featured options, using the genre options, or through the search tool.

4. When you’ve found a channel you want to add, press Ok.

5. Select Add channel and then Ok.

You’ll see a confirmation message once the channel has been added. The new channel will appear in your channel list, located at the bottom of the Roku home screen.

On the mobile app:

1. Open the Roku app on your iPhone or Android, and sign in, if needed.

2. Tap Devices, located in the bottom toolbar of the app’s home screen.

3. Tap Channels, then select Channel store at the top of the screen.

4. When you’ve found a channel you want to add, tap it and then choose Add.

Once added, you’ll see the option to launch the channel to start watching.

On a web browser:

1. Go to www.channelstore.roku.com and log in to your account, if necessary.

2. Navigate to a channel you want to add using the search function, or via the featured options.

3. Click +Add Channel under the channel you want to add. If you don’t see that, click Details and then click the Add channel button.

You’ll be able to add subscription-based channels as well as free ones. But you’ll need to have a paid subscription for the latter to be able to stream content from them.

Quick tip: Not all channels are available on the Roku website, so you may have to add them from your Roku device to have access.

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