3 Reasons to Unlock Your PDF File With PDFBear

3 Reasons to Unlock Your PDF File With PDFBear

There will be specific situations wherein users must have a password on their document, mainly when operating with confidential and sensitive files and information to protect and make it extra secured. However, unlocking a PDF file is another common struggle. Luckily, with PDFBear, everything is attainable and free of charge.

PDFbear is a web-based converter tool with various tools and features that you can use without experiencing any complications. It’s built and designed in a streamlined manner and a user-friendly interface. Individuals can unlock their documents in just a matter of a few clicks! Here’s how to open a PDF with PDFBear.

How to Unlock PDF files with PDFBear

To make your PDF files protected and secured, having a password for some people is necessary. And if you are not using the correct tool, it might consume your time and be an extra hassle. However, if you’re confident enough, you don’t need to have a password. There’s no need to have one. 

This also makes it easy not to type the password again whenever you have to access it. But if you’re in a position that needs to have it extracted, this web-based converter tool will be your best companion to make your work and project more accessible and more manageable. To use the Unlock PDF tool, follow these four simple steps.

The first step to unlock is to go to PDFBear’s website and choose the Unlock tool. Then, upload the PDF that you want to open into the designated toolbox. Or you also have the option to drag and drop the file for a much simpler technique. Please wait for a moment while turning in the file before you can start saving it into your device.

  • Easy Sharing Feature 

First on the list is PDFBear’s Easy Sharing feature, wherein individuals have the option to share their work and send it to their friends or colleagues. There are choices. Through the link and email. If via the connection, copy and paste the shareable link into the desired online platform. Via email, type in the necessary data from the email tab before pressing send.

  • Multiple Tools And Incredible Security System

As mentioned earlier, PDFBear can turn your document into various kinds of file formats. It is not similar to other online converters as it provides remarkable tools and features that are very functional and easy to use. Users can convert PDF to Excel, Word, HTML, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDFA, and many more. 


Moreover, users can also do Splitting, Compressing, Merging, Repairing corrupted files, Locking a document, and many more. You can also convert the other way around as it works vice versa. PDFBear is an all-in-one tool for all of your document-related needs. Since this converter tool is a web-based tool, there’s no need to install or download extra plug-ins.

Operating in different kinds of operating systems also is not a concern. Whether you have an Android, Mac, Windows, or even a Linux program. The online browser is not a problem, such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, or any online browser. Furthermore, whenever you use PDFBear, it’s guaranteed safe and protected.

PDFBear has SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a general technology connection that double protects your internet browser that is being accessed between two programs. This indicates that everything that you’ve transmitted and processed on their website is firmly secured. They also have a special security policy. 

  • Subscribing to their Premium Version

You can indeed operate PDFBear for free but only for a certain number of times. However, subscribing to their premium version can solve this dilemma. The PRO users can use and enjoy all its remarkable benefits and great perks without any limit and concerns, such as no more annoying pop-up advertisements.

Plus, they are getting prioritized whenever you encounter a technical difficulty on their website and not but not the least, being able to convert documents simultaneously without any limit. This converter tool also allows users to have a 14-day trial of their premium version to have a glimpse of the PRO functions and features.

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There may be hundreds of online converter tools that can be found on the web, but it’s undeniably hard to find a reliable and efficient one. PDFBear is the ultimate converter tool for any of your document-related concerns. It has fantastic functional tools that you can significantly use for your future work or project. Explore and visit PDFBear now!

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