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25 Party Pack Ideas in Nigeria


Jan 29, 2024
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Party packs are a group of items put together in a pack to be distributed at birthdays. The idea of having a party pack is to have different types of goodies in different quantities to be enjoyed by everyone. Party packs are a delight at birthday parties, especially for children. Children look forward to party packs. You can think of party packs as some form of souvenirs, a token of remembrance such as an object which one acquires for the memories from parties such as wedding ceremonies.

Party packs are just as essential to your children’s party as the birthday cake. However, it can be difficult to know what exactly to put into a party pack. You don’t want to end up putting items that children will not appreciate. When many think of the term ‘party pack’, many assume it will be expensive but putting together a party pack should not cost you so much. You can work within your budget. It also helps to work around a theme when selecting items for your party pack. Birthday themes include mickey mouse, Winnie the pooh and other cartoon characters. This article puts together a list of items you can include in your child’s party pack.

25 Party Pack Ideas in Nigeria

Read on below:

  • Sweets

You cannot go wrong with sweets. Almost every kid loves sweets and is happy to have them. Sweets also make your party pack contents colorful. What is most important is that sweets won’t cost you much. You can buy whole packs of sweets (buying in bulk is cheaper) and put different ones in your party packs.

  • Plastic Bracelets/Necklaces

This is a gift item you can include in party packs, especially for girls. A child will always look at the bracelet and remember from whose party she got them. Get the bracelets in different colors so as to have variety.

  • A mini-size plastic bucket

This could also have cartoon characters on them. It could also serve as the container for all other items you want to include in the party pack.

  • Kid character metal lunch box

You can have a metal lunch box with kid-favorite cartoon characters on them. This is something even the parents will be grateful for.

  • Plastic Sunglasses

Plastic sunglasses are a delight for children. It is even more appropriate in a place like Nigeria that is sunny. But what’s more, it is fashionable and cute on children. You can also get plastic sunglasses in different shapes and colors which just adds to all the fun.

  • Socks

This is one gift parents will be excited about. Socks are a particular item that children always misplace. It is either one leg cannot be found or even both etc. You can get socks and put them in the party pack. If you are gathering a party pack for older children, you can stick to just one color such as white for school. However, if it is for children of lesser ages, you can have them in different colors. You can also get socks with a brand on it such as cartoon characters etc. Children are excited when they see items with their favorite cartoon characters on them.

  • Picture Books

Picture books are very essential for growing children. Putting a picture book in your party pack shows you care about the intellectual growth of children. It is one that parents can read with their little ones. You can get a flexible or small one. Although hard-cover backs are best because they cannot be easily torn.

  • Bubbles

Bubbles are fun to blow. You can toss them into the party pack so the children can keep having fun when they get home.

  • Stationery

These include pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can add them to your party pack. That way, you have included educational beneficial items for the children to use at home and in school.

  • Stickers

You can have stickers with cartoon characters in your party pack. Children love to have stickers on their books and other items.

  • Bookmark

This is a strip of leather, card, or other material, used to mark one’s place in a book. Bookmarks come in different shapes and colors. You can have then in various shapes such as a love shape or a crown. This will serve as a bookmark for children and encourage them to read.

  • Lip balm

Lip balms help to soothe dry lips. This is an item worth keeping for both boys and girls for the harmattan season.

  • Hair Ribbons and Alice Bands

This is another item the girls will be glad to have. Items such as hair ribbons are good because they can be used over and over again, that is, it will not be easily forgotten.

  • Bouncy Balls

bouncy ball is also called a rubber ball. It is usually fairly small and made of elastic material which allows it to bounce against hard surfaces. It is a good toy material for a child and helps to keep the child active.

  • Paper cups

This is another memorable item you can put in the party pack of kids. A child will always remember that the cup (s)he is using to drink was from this particular birthday party. You can have the image of the celebrant printed on the paper cup.

  • Pompom

It is a small decorative ball made of fabric and feathers. It is usually used as a form of decoration. Pom-poms may come in many colors, sizes, and varieties. Some usually have glitters and feathers which makes it pleasing to children.

  • Comic DVD

Children love comics. This is definitely an item worth including in a party pack

  • Character Party bags

You can have bags in your party pack. They do not have to be plain. A bag could have cartoon characters on them. This is the type children love.

Remember that you do not have to buy everything on this list. You can buy some and leave the rest. A party pack with about five items in it is good enough.

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